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Valentine Day Gift Basket Ideas

It’s time to be original, to be real!  Spell-bind your significant other with some New Gift Basket Ideas! Anyone can snatch a V-Day ‘I love you’ card or bouquet of roses with a heart shaped box of chocolates from the store. But it takes a lot more planning and foresight to pamper your loved one with something real. Don’t go with that tide; create your own Valentine Day Gift Basket for your special someone- a gift that will make them go crazy and start singing all the love songs for you.

A gift basket that stands above the rest is the best way to make them feel special. The best option to gift something special on this day is a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket. You can express your whole-hearted feelings with this truly special and personalised Valentine’s Day Gift. We assure you that these Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas are inexpensive yet they can take you more close to your lovers’ heart. Use these ideas to gift something that will last for weeks; like a Homemade Valentine’s Day gift basket which can have a lot of different accessories, a gift of mysterious flowers, foods that have never been savoured before by him/her, or a gift that might carry some ‘shared experiences of both you and your lover.

Valentine Day Gift Basket Ideas

Give everything to the one you love this valentine with our Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts. In one fell swoop, spot one of the best do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas here.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas


Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriend

1. Chocolate Indulgence Basket

Everyone loves chocolate! Make a Chocoholic’s dream come true with a gift basket full of wafer rolls, chocolate-covered pretzels, kettle fresh chocolate fudge, Chocolate Chip Cookies, assorted chocolate squares; chocolate truffle cookies will make this an all-in-one basket for a better gift. A great valentine day gift basket idea to make your men overwhelmed with your choices of temptations. You’ll never go wrong while gifting your man this valentine day a special overflowing chocolate basket present. To make it more personalised and heart-touching, take more pains- make your own handmade chocolates and cookies. This will be a great surprise for your better half.

Tip: Be more creative and make use of the craft and decorate the chocolate basket with ribbons and flowers. You can add a personal message to each chocolate or can attach a love note to the basket of chocolate as well.

2. Liquor Gift Basket For Men

With delicious ale draughts, help them say ‘cheers’ from around the world. Imported beer, wine or a champagne gift basket makes a very special Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone.  Get the beers available of different brands and from different countries to add extra flavours. If your Valentine date is a beer lover, beer baskets are definitely going to make those the best goody times for you this valentine season. Bring home at least six unique beer or other liquors all together and skilfully arrange them inside of a steel bucket.  Unique and elegantly prepared alcohol gift basket will surely take the heart of your lover away.

Tip: You can make this alcohol basket a little more special one by decorating every bottle of wine or beer with those beautiful ribbons and putting some candies to make it look colourful.

3. Small Gadget And Phone Accessories Gift Basket For Men

Just like girls go crazy after seeing a piece of jewellery- men go wild after seeing some cool and trendy gadgets. This valentine day do ‘their thing’. We know that it doesn’t interest you much and requires your planning with a little more pain, but your man will love your this valentine day gift basket present. This bucket is full of small yet cool, trendy and useful gadgets. You can also get his favourite phone accessories like head phones or phone covers. You can buy for him a multi-function pen, multi tool-ready case, Solar Power Charger Keychain for iTouch, iPhone or Blackberry, a Laptop Touchscreen Converter, etc. There are list of many gadgets that you can find easily available in the market.

Tip: Keep in mind this when buying these gadgets- all your boyfriend’s desires and needs. Go according to that and you will have a never to fail valentine day gift basket for your men.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for Girlfriend

1. A Basket Full Of  Metal Accessories & Jewellery

To make her fall in love with you all over again the best option is here. Girls run, scream and go crazy after seeing a piece of jewellery or any metal accessories. Well this won’t exactly happen, when you will gift your girl a basket full of jewellery pieces or metal accessories. But she is definitely going to love the valentine day present you are going to gift to them on this occasion. Get all those earrings, studded rings and neck pieces that you are sure she will like. You can bring for her some self-designed bracelets too, to put in the basket.

Tip: You can take the help of any of her girlfriends before buying the jewellery or any metal for her, if you think you are really bad at it.

2. Spa Or A Make-Up Kit Basket

There are various spa and make-up kits available in the market. Get the best of the products for your girl. Take her away while gifting her relaxing spa kit. You can add Bath bombs, Bath salts, Meditation CD, massage tool, A body brush, Soaps – gourmet versions, glycerine, and scented, some castile, Moisturizer for hands, face, and body, Bath and/or shower gel, Hand mitts, sleeping mask for relaxing, facial mask/ingredients, body mask, face washer, hand towel, body towel, etc. or relaxing music with Scented candles to this unique valentine day gift basket. Decorate the basket after arranging all the things together beautifully in the basket.

 Tip: If using real flowers for decoration, make the basket and place the flowers just before delivering the basket.

Here we have a world full of many other ‘tried-and-tested’ best Valentine’s Day gift ideas with which you can make your valentine date feel extra more-special.

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