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Things to Make For Your Boyfriend

If you are also sharing our concerns about bringing some thrill or some fun in your gifts for your boyfriend. You are at the right web page. Make your present for your sweet heart unique with our various ideas about things to make for your boyfriend. We agree that it is always the same when you have to get a nice gift for the love of your life. You go to the store or check out online and just buy something for him. The routine becomes passé after a while and even though you always get a new thing for him, it is the same. There is no personal touch in the gift, no special effort. So why not make something distinctive for the amazing person in your life?

By making some things for your boyfriend we do not mean the most common and regular stuff like a hand- made card or a pen holder. We have stacked up some new and creative ideas that will suit the needs and preferences of your beloved mate. The enlisted ideas about things to make for your boyfriend are finalised after considering many things that intrigue a guy’s mind.

Things to Make For Your Boyfriend

Take a look at the next segment of the write up to find out the most suitable things that you can make for your boyfriend for his birthday or anniversary or just because…

12 Things to Make For Your Boyfriend


  • A ring with the initials of your and your lover’s name on it.
  • A cake with a funny or a personalised name you gave him.
  • A card. To make it unique you can write things like- reasons why I can’t go away of you or how you have made me a better person.
  • A personalised coffee mug with a pic of both of you on it or get a message printed on it. Alternatively you can get him some silver crockery and engrave a little message on every piece of it.
  • Another nice thing to make for your boyfriend is something woollen. It can be a sweater, warm socks, a wrist band, scarf or gloves or even a cap.
  • Graffiti. You can write some sweet and quirky things on the wall opposite to his bed.
  • You can also make a poster for your boyfriend. Paste some pictures of both of you together, some sweet, some hilarious. Write a few short and lovely notes for him. You can also consider pasting his favourite chocolates on it. Gifting him something that reflects your hard work and effort will surely please him.
  • A nice romantic dinner. Invite him over and cook his favourite meal. It is an awesome thing to do for your boyfriend, esp. after a busy or hectic day. Couple it with a football match or his favourite movie to make it more fun and romantic.
  • Write him a dozen letters. It is an amazing thing to do for your boyfriend. You can write various types of letters reflecting his different moods. You can label the letters as… open when you are on the ninth cloud, only read when you miss me, open this when you are sad and so on.
  • Another fun thing that you can make for your boyfriend that does not even cost you a penny is- tie knots. Take up all the ties from his wardrobe and make the various styles of knots which are lately in trend. It will be a pleasant surprise for him to discover for himself. You will definitely get that early morning call from him saying ‘you are awesome’. No need to thank us!
  • Make a portrait of/for your boyfriend. Now if you are not a descendent of Pablo Picasso, you can get it made from a professional painter. Some of the great ideas for the poster will be- a portrait of both of you together, a family portrait for him, a portrait of his favourite soccer team or his favourite actress. Yes, the hot celebrity portrait will really make him go haywire. So pick out the best pic of the star if you are considering the option.
  • Another one of the wonderful things to make for your boyfriend is a tee shirt. Well, we are not talking about the fabric, but painting it. A nice plain coloured tee shirt with something funky painted on it or just a simple message like- do not go to the ___ without me.
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