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Retirement Gifts for Teachers

A teacher and a student share a different sort of relationship altogether. The bond between a teacher and his/her students is characterised by respect, guidance, motivation and a peculiar kind of friendship. Therefore, the retirement gifts for teachers have to be symbolic of this unique association. Though teachers are also mere human beings and have a liking for all those humanly things. But when it comes to a gift from a student, it should convey the emotions associated with this diverse relation. The retirement gift for teachers should be of the nature that it should remind your mentor of the gratitude and love of his or her students.

The best gifts for teachers are the ones which will become an integral part of his or her memories. It should remind your torch bearer that he (or she) made a special place in the hearts of his (or her) disciples. And he (or she) will always be remembered and cherished by the ones whom he (or she) taught. A retirement gifts for teachers must be able to communicate to the recipient that all the hard work that he (or she) has put in to make his (or her) pupils better persons have paid off.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers

The following section covers comprehensively the wide range of options that can possibly be considered as the retirement gifts for teachers.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers


  • Handmade gifts: one of the best retirement gifts for a teacher is to put some hard work in making something touching for the retiring teacher. It can include a wide array of things. The kids in kindergarten or below fifth grade can make a ‘finger print tree’ with the thumb prints of every student in the class and labelled with their names. The thumb print should be a substitute for the leaves. This will surely touch the teacher’s heart.
  • Students in the high school can write a letter to the retiring teacher and bind all the letters in the form of a book. A fancy cover for this book will be the cherry on the cake. You can also make card holders, jewellery boxes or ornaments for the departing teacher. Teachers particularly love cards presented by their students. So a handmade card with a personalised message will also be an apt retirement gift for teachers. Also if you have some photographs from a school tour with the retiring teacher, the students can consider a collage work of the pictures. A preservation of some good memories is the best gift for teachers.
  • The students can also bake some bath cookies or make wax candles to present as a retirement gift for teachers. A self- painted lamp or a vase is also a good choice.
  • Gifts pertaining to hobbies: another way of obliging a retiring teacher is to gift him or her something relating to his or her hobby. It can be tickets to a play or a holiday destination. One can also consider gift cards to that teacher’s favourite store. It can range from cooking store to gardening classes or violin lessons. If your teacher has a plan to spend his or her time with plants or at the golf course after he or she bid adieu to the teaching life. Then one of the best retirement gifts is to present your mentor with some saplings or a golf club membership respectively. In that case a fishing gear kit or earrings beading kit will also constitute a nice gift for teachers.
  • Now days, gift certificates are very popular. The students can gift their teacher one of those. Also, the whole class can take the teacher out for lunch to her favourite restaurant. Enjoying a lavish meal with students on the last day of his or her teaching career makes up for a wonderful farewell gift.
  • Many teachers always like to be associated with books and learning. For such teachers a collection of some good reads pertaining to their discipline will be a great idea for a retirement gift. If the retiring teacher is your art and craft professor, the students can consider gifting their mentor a painting or a drawing kit. Likewise, for your sports coach, an autograph from their favourite sports personality or tickets to some championship final will make up for an amazing retirement gift.
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