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Mother’s Day Homemade Gift Ideas

Everyone please their loved ones with expensive and readymade gifts but how many put an effort to greet someone with a homemade gift. Make this mother’s day special with home crafted gifts for the lady in your life.  A mother is the one who is not bothered to look at a price tag of your gift but will be impressed by how much you have thought and took pain to get her a nice present. Delight your mentor with the mother’s day craft ideas and convey your love for your mom in a unique and impressive way.


The mother’s day homemade gifts are also a good way to surprise your mother with your innovative and creative instincts. These craft ideas are a good way to celebrate mother’s day without straining your bank account. Mother’s day homemade gifts are specifically a good idea for the young children. This carefully compiled list of mother’s day craft ideas will also put the empty cans and obsolete cardboard and papers to a good use, at the same time cleaning your sweet home which will be an additional joy for your mom!


Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas


Our assorted list of mother’s day homemade gifts includes craft ideas for the children of all ages. Browse through the next segment to mesmerise your mother with your creative skills and considerate gifts.


Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day


  • Jewellery- You can spice up your mother’s jewellery collection by making bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets. Apart from the beads and strings from the market you can also use the ingredients from her kitchen such as sunflower seeds, strings of dried chillies etc. Other mother’s day homemade gift ideas can include beaded hairpins, silk flower brooch, filigree earrings and spiral bead ring.
  • Spa Inspired Gifts- This mother’s day pamper your mom with these unique craft ideas which include decorated soaps, bathing salt containers, homemade bathing bars. You can also make a bath bag using colourful wash clothes and ribbons. An eye mask filled with lavender and flaxseeds is also a great idea for home crafted gifts.
  • Decorated Chopsticks- This homemade gift idea for mother’s day is specifically for younger children. Take a bunch of chopsticks and decorate them with small clay beads or you can also mould the clay into customised shapes and paint them. Your mother can use this homemade gift as hair pins or decoration pieces.
  • Journal and Scrap Book- Preserve the memories from your childhood or the vacations in a handmade scrapbook. You can make a wooden scrapbook decorated with clay roses or a photo album using the empty cereal boxes from around the house. Your mother will not only love your cute homemade gift, she will also love the cleaning you did around the house.
  • Kitchen Craft- Another one of the mother’s day homemade gift ideas can include decorating your mom’s kitchen. You can craft a flowered place mat; weave a pot holder or change and key holder; make a kitchen utensil holder and napkin rings to flatter your mother.
  • Purse- A pouch or purse or a laptop bag will make a good homemade gift for mother’s day to astound your mom. The material for making the bag can range from denim and recycled plastic to jute and canvas which can further be decorated by sewing beads or printed cotton cloth over it.
  • Utility Box- Utility boxes can include a make- up box, jewellery box, needle and buttons box and the likes. Utility box will be a great mother’s day craft idea to astonish your mother.
  • Chocolates and Cookies- Cajole your mother with some homemade honey and caramel cookies and chocolates with nuts and dry fruits. Showing off your culinary skills is a sweet homemade gift idea to melt your mother’s heart.
  • Mother’s day card– You can greet her with a mother’s day card laced with a beautiful quotation in it and write a personalised message which can be about how much you feel lucky to have her in your life and how she had made you a capable and moral person. Wheel of Affection is also a cute homemade gift for mother’s day.
  • Other homemade gifts for mother’s day can be a crafted photo gallery house, hand printed t- shirts, decorative candles and candle holders, fruit basket, a flip book with personalised love notes from all your family members and clay photo frames. You can also gift her bouquet along with a wood stick vase or a beaded glass vase.
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