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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

So you forgot Valentine’s Day was just around the corner didn’t you? No need to deny it; that explains why you’re reading an article titled ‘Last minute valentine gifts’. Don’t worry too much, you’re not the first person to forget your Valentine’s Day shopping and push your gift purchases to the last minute. You also wouldn’t be the first person to be the victim of a sudden and violent demise (on second thoughts you should start worrying right about now). However there is hope; legend has it that some men and women have achieved a great skill; a skill that grants them the great ability to come up with last minute gift ideas. Now we know there is a 100% chance you’re not one of those wise men or you wouldn’t still be reading this, but we do know you’re strapped for time and you need to come up with something really quick.

There are certain things you must keep in mind when you’re shopping for Last minute valentine gifts. Your significant other must not realise at any point of time that you pulled off everything at the last minute. If somehow they do realise that what you did was in last minute panic, it has to be cute enough to make him/her all gooey and mushy to be angry; cuteness is vital. Always avoid plans that are unpredictable and liable to get cancelled. Keep these things in mind and you will be fine. If you still can’t figure out what to do, you can just pick something from our list of last minute Valentine’s Day gift.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

There’s no point crying over lost time, instead try to make the most of what you have right now. So get of your keister and get cracking to buy your last minute Valentine’s Day gift. The time is short and the game is a foot.

Last Minute Valentine Gifts

1. Flowers and Chocolates:

Possibly the most cliché but still work like magic. Flowers are traditional, easily available and combined with candy they make for an excellent last minute valentine gifts. Try to be a little more creative, instead of the regular stereotypical bouquet of roses try going for something a little different, Lilies and Orchids are a nice alternative. In case of chocolate, dark chocolate is what you want, if you can get the little heart shaped ones that’s all the better. Flowers and Candy tend to work best when they are a prelude to something a bit more elaborate like a night-out so you might consider combining it with a couple of arrangements.

2. DIY Restaurant:

Getting a reservation at a fancy restaurant this close to Valentine’s Day is almost if not as hard as finding leprechaun’s gold. So instead of moping and panicking here’s the alternative go for an impromptu picnic to your favourite park or on the roof top or just spread a blanket in front of the fire with your favourite food from your favourite Deli or Restaurant. Keep each other company and let the magic happen.

3. Video Message:

Video Messages are probably the best way to appeal to pull some sentimental strings on his/her heart. When I say video message I don’t mean one on your phone, you’ve already wasted a lot of time, so just pull out your camcorder and pour out your heart. Tell him/her all the things that you have never had the chance to tell them. If you’re any good with a guitar or a piano, record the song that means a lot to the two of you. A little emotional present is absolutely perfect. And the best part, unlike the flowers and chocolates, this one will stay with your significant other and they can see it anytime they want to or feel like. This is by far the best Last minute Valentine’s Day gift you can ever hope to get.

4. Poetry:

A good book of love poems never fails, doesn’t matter if it’s a book of love sonnets by Shakespeare or a compilation of love poems by Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, it can even be something more contemporary. You can make it a little more personal by adding your own verses or a funny private limerick between the two of you. Easily available, not that expensive and extremely last minute. This is an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day.

5. Generic Valentine Stuff:

These should be your absolute last resort since they are not exactly fool proof and might cost you quite a bit (the price of laziness). If nothing else seems possible some jewellery will do the trick (real jewellery not something you can pick up at a garage store). Coupons for a massage parlour or a day at the spa also work fine.

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