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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Craft your creativity this season with the best homemade Christmas gift ideas because the season is here to make merry, exchange greetings, gift-giving, and meeting dearies. Christmas is all about distributing love and love can be in any form. Gifting someone something is never about how much we give but how much love we put into our offerings. For that reason, the best gifts for Christmas are the ones which have our own personal touch and a whole lot of our efforts. That is why this season try-out something new and different without overspending and overbuying anything useless, make it special by yourself by making it greener while craftier.

There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas to make a homemade gift without loading up your credit card. Make this Christmas extra exceptional by preparing and presenting homemade gifts for anyone might be your mom, dad, and the kid down the street or a friend. Use a little help from us, from our best craftsmen and most talented artists to find the best Christmas homemade gift ideas.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Set back and give some rest to your pockets and wallets as we are going to provide you the cheapest and the best extravagant handmade Christmas gift ideas.

Handmade Christmas gift ideas

1. Jars of homemade bath salts

Make it look luxurious without being expensive. Jars of homemade bath salts can be an excellent Christmas gift. You can use a typical recipes like sea salt, baking soda, food colours of natural varieties, vegetable based glycerine and all that you can think of adding. You have to decorate it then to make it look attractive, which is the most important thing to make your Christmas gift special and worthy.

2. Embroidered handkerchief

List everyone’s name and write a message for them. Now use your embroidery skills to design your handkerchiefs. Give it your own style and designs according to the categories like friends, parents and kids. You can give a paper clip handkerchief to your mother, for a businessman a stem stich in metallic silver thread. Children may prefer a cartoonish embroidered handkerchief. There are number of ideas you can use.

3. Etched glass

Here is the cheapest, handmade Christmas gift idea for you. A dollar glass can be decorated with stripes, flowery designs, polka dots, monograms etc. All you need to buy is etching cream from any craft art supply stores and the masking tape. Most importantly it requires your creativity and innovation.

4. Ornamental bulbs in vintage floral pattern teacups

This gift idea can be the best Christmas homemade gift for your mom or dad. Buy any vintage or antique floral pattern tea-cups or pots from second-hand stockpiles and plant ornamental bulbs in them. You can plant any of the various numbers of herbs like oregano, rosemary or basil. Don’t forget to decorate it with ribbons and add a Christmas wishing card along with it, describing how to take care of the plant.

5. Heat-embossed personalised stationary

Make a painting and add your personal message to it. The creative scope is much wide-ranging in this one. You can use any type of colour or any form of designs and patterns. Don’t forget to add the colours of Christmas and New Year to it. This can be the most memorable gift of all.

6. Monogramed woollens

All it need is your knitting skills and some creativity. If you can knit, then it is the best handmade Christmas gift for small babies and kids. You can make pair of socks, apron, muffler, sweater with numerous designs and patters.

7. Handmade bookplates

Give wings to your paper artist skills. This can be the best Christmas handmade gift for kids, students and book worms. With a piece of cardboard and a ribbon or any colour thread you can make a beautiful book mark. Add your message and a Christmas wish to this and that will remain with the person forever.

8. Cookies in a jar

The best Christmas homemade gift to present it your teacher or some acquainted one. Bring any type of jar to keep your hand made cookies in it. Make the presentation attractive by adding layers of cookies and all the dry ingredients. Decorate it with fabrics or ribbons that will make it look extravagant. To make Christmas cookies there are plenty of recipes available for you.

9. Fabricated shopping bags

This Christmas gift idea needs your basic sewing skills only, make it greener and cheaper by making a fabricated reusable shopping bag. Add to it different colour fabrics and designs using your most creative skills. Nothing can be hotter than this environmental friendly, reusable, fabricated bag this season.

10. Gift basket

This is the most common gift of all. Put all those little candies, slushes, berries, lollies and whatever you want to add to the basket. Decorate it with ribbons, crafted fabric and papers. Make it look more fashionable according to your design and taste.

11. Homemade chocolates and wraps

Everybody likes chocolates. Handmade chocolates as Christmas gifts are evergreen and they cannot be compared to any other gift. You can get a recipe for the chocolate and mould it according to your shapes and design using chocolate moulders available in the market. You can decorate it using beautiful wrappers and can add flavours and messages to each and every chocolate.

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