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Homemade Birthday Gifts For Mom

The hands that rock the cradle are the ones that rule the world. In the hustle bustle of life we forget the ones who have brightened our days. We know that we can never truly return the debt of a mother’s love but at least we can be grateful towards her by presenting her a personalised homemade gift on her birthday. Because the value of the gift doesn’t lie in its costs but on how much feelings and efforts we put into it. So make your mother feel extra special on her birthday by getting a personalised homemade birthday gift for her. Celebrate and gift your mom a beautiful homemade gift on her birthday and she will surely love her precious and priceless birthday gift.

Show her the importance she has in your life and in the heart. Show her all your love and gratitude for what she has done and is already doing for you. Because mothers are always special, there love is incomparable and unparalleled; and there is no one like her in the whole universe. Give your crafty and innovative mind a jerk and start off to make a homemade birthday gift for your mom.

Homemade Birthday Gifts For Mom

Use our ideas on homemade birthday gifts for mom and You can make her feel extra special by putting some extra efforts on her birthday.

Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Mom


1. A hand-drawn portrait

Everyone loves to get a drawing of him/herself from the person he/she loves. Draw a portrait of your mom from any old picture. If the picture is black and white, add colours to it, make it more special by framing it beautifully, your own handmade portrait. Not everyone is an artist and cannot draw a perfect picture; even if it looks childish and imperfect; don’t be embarrassed because your mother will love it any way since you have put in your own efforts and all your love to make it special. Sometimes these kinds of drawings seize more of the heart of a person than any “good” drawing.

2. Homemade granola bars

This homemade birthday gift is healthy for your mom. Make a homemade granola bar. Don’t forget to add to it, everything your mom loves, her favourite flavours and dry fruits, etc. Wrap each bar individually with cheesecloth, parchment and with a pretty ribbon. She can take this birthday gift anywhere and even proudly share it with her colleagues and friends.

3. Linen scarf

Gift your mom on her birthday a linen handmade scarf. This can be the most memorable gift of all. All you need are your sewing and stitching skills. Linen is perfect for the warm seasons.  Add some borders and designs to it using your own creative ideas.

4. Oven mitts

This homemade birthday gift for your mom also requires your sewing skills; make oven mitts using different coloured cloth and threads. This birthday gift will really touch your mother’s heart.

5. Drawer sachet

Make a beautiful drawer sachet to give the aroma that your mom loves the most. There is always one drawer that is her personal drawer where she can keep this beautiful handmade drawer sachet.

6. Crocheted earrings

If your mom loves to wear big earrings, gift her handmade crocheted earrings.  Here your knitting skills will work. If you are really good at it go for some beautiful coloured wool and knit her a beautiful flower or any round, oval, square or flat shape using your own creativity.

7. A hand made card

This handmade birthday card never fails. Everyone loves to read and receive cards. Here you can add your personalised messages and touch of your own creativity. You can use endless numbers of colours, ideas, patterns, forms, and designs etc. to make a beautiful card of your own.

8. Breakfast in bed

Your mom has given you the world when you were growing up; now her birthday is the best time to surprise her by making her a breakfast on your own and taking it to her in her bed room with a birthday wish. You have to prepare all your mother’s favourites and serve it to her before she gets out of bed.

9. Homemade spa gifts

All the homemade  beauty products like Sugar scrubs, face masks and bath scrubs can be made from the material available in the kitchen, all you need to do is to make a kit of all the homemade products and ingredients. This homemade birthday gift will relax your mom and take her far-far away.

10. Homemade flower hair clip

Use your imagination and creativity make or decorate a hair clip using silk ribbons and artificial flowers etc. You can use different colour silks and glitters also. This can be the prettiest birthday homemade gift idea for your mom.

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