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Halloween Party Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when ghosts and goblins parading the streets is a common sight. When all things pumpkin are what stack the shelves at your grocery stores and when you start stockpiling on candy for little sugar high spooks who come-a-knocking at your door with that tell-tale chime of ‘trick-or-treat’. When these things come to pass you know you’re nearing the scariest night of the year, all hallows eve. Now Halloween is pretty much like other holidays (minus the costumes that is) and like other holidays, has that small stigma attached to it, and that stigma is more commonly known to us mortals as Halloween party gifts.

Buying presents for Halloween is one of those things you actually need to think about. Since Halloween is a pretty diverse holiday, thanks to the 100million legends and tales and stories surrounding it (I might be exaggerating a tad bit). There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ present for Halloween, which probably just adds to the confusion which just escalates the stress. Trying to think of some party gift ideas is pretty hard work. So if you’re looking for some ideas don’t look further because we did all the hard work and compiled a little list of possible Halloween gift ideas.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas

For something scary and something fun to give your friends and/or families, keep reading for some fun halloween party gift ideas.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas

  • Cookie Jars: As far as I’m concerned Halloween is made of two kinds of stuff, the spooky stuff and the sweet stuff. So I’m guessing nothing beats sticking your hand inside an open skull and pulling out a chocolate chip cookie (I’m so original aren’t I). Cookie Jars make pretty good presents for almost any season. Thanks to the different shapes and sizes you can get a cookie jar to match almost any theme, from holidays to comics. So if you can’t think of anything Halloween-y just go to your nearest store and pick up a nice and spooky cookie jar. Or you can also get a plane cookie jar and decorate it yourself and make it spooky enough for your requirements. Cookie Jars are probably the best thing you can give to people who have kids. (Suggestion: you can fill the cookie jar with spooky cookies)
  • Wall hangings: Nothing says Halloween like good spooky, disgusting and vile wall hangings. Be it a full sized skeleton hanging from the ceiling or just some cobwebs in one corner, wall hangings give out a pretty good haunted house vibe. There are almost a gazillion options you can go for from dead things, skulls, bats, entire skeletons, a noose and a lot more. These make for good Halloween gifts for your friends and are as Halloween-y as can be. If you don’t like wall hangings you can always go for scary animal figurines like crows, ravens, wolves and other creatures of the night or if you can stomach it you can opt for scary eyeballs or entrails to give your friends the fright of their lives.
  • Bottles: I have always felt that bottles are underrated. Potion bottles make pretty good Halloween presents and are quite useful in the long run. There are these weirdly shaped bottles that look like a witch’s flask or some laboratory equipment and give out that that evil scientist or the old hag vibe (very strong ones at that).  If you like giving do it yourself presents, you can still work with bottles. Just take an old bottle and paint the outside to look like a pumpkin or a ghost or whatever you can think off. When you’re done just put in one of those glow sticks and voila you have a bottle lamp to give away.
  • Cutlery and other Dinner table stuff: Spooky cutlery has that added spooky factor mostly because you have to put that in your mouth when you eat. Nothing says Halloween like using some very disgusting looking thing to eat your food. You can also go for Halloween themed plate which is probably a pretty classy gift. If you have the talent and the time you can also buy a set of plain white plates and make some customised plates for your friends and family. Apart from plates and cutlery there are Halloween themed condiment shakers, table cloths, table mats and a whole host of things you can go for.
  • Halloween Candy: Well there is absolutely no limit to what you can do with food and when those trick or treat-ers you better have some tasty treats or incur the wrath of the little sugar high spooks at your doorsteps. When it comes to candy you can be as creative as you want. You can either buy some spooky candies from your nearest store or go online and check out some interesting recipes to come up with your own concoction. The key to good Halloween candy is to make it appear as disgusting as possible, which actually takes a lot of work (great time to test your culinary prowess).
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