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Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine is all about romance! Why not make it more fun-iatic instead of romantic, if you are bored with that everyday romance. As long as fun is to bring the happiness and cheer to someone special, there is nothing that can be matched to it. This V-day let that humour come out from within to do all the mischievous things. This funny valentine day gift is going to roll your lover on the floor while laughing his/her heart out. And what can be the more memorable thing to present your love this Valentine’s Day than preparing for a funny valentines gifts for him/her.


Funniest things require witty brains, so if you really have it then you are ready to pick one funny Valentine Day Gift for Him/Her. With the funniest Valentine’s Day gift make your beloved laugh throughout the day. Let them know no matter what you are there to make them laugh in any of the situation whether good or bad. You can make memories and share the same whole-hearted love by presenting her/him a gift that will be an twinge to their stomach.

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts


Make it more fun without breaking the balances in the banks with these Valentine’s Day funniest gift and ideas.

1.    Toilet paper love letter

This Valentine’s Day, gift your loved one a long love  letter that is written on the toilet paper. This is going to be funniest and cheapest. Write those long poems, deepest thoughts and quotes for the only special one in your life. You can take help from best Valentine’s Day Quotes and sayings, there are also love poems available online, you can take the help and can jot-down on the long toilet paper roll and gift your loved one this funny Valentine’s Day gift. You can also add different colours to this toilet paper before writing, be creative as much as you can be.

2.    Box With Selfie

Click all those stupid pictures of yours, asks anyone of your friend to do the favour for you to take the best shots of yours. Wear your weirdest pair of pyjamas, boxers or undies. You just need to be funny and mischievous. You can also wear printed funny t-shirts.  Get the print outs or the hard copies of each. Put all these in a box; wrap it with a beautiful Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. Decorate the gift beautifully because someone special is there for your lover inside the box to make their heart giggle always.

3.    Magic Escape Handcuffs

Why not handcuff your favourite man this Valentine’s Day. He or she will love this idea of being taped and handcuffed. There are many Valentine’s Day special handcuffs are available in the market. Once you trap them you can do anything or can ask them to be the one who trapped you. This is going to be a real fun for you.

4.    Funny iPhone Cover 

Get for your boyfriend or girlfriend this valentine’s day a funny valentine day gift. There are many weird and funny iPhone covers available in the market. You’ve probably seen a lot of cell phones that can make you laugh. Just get one from the market and gift it to your love. This will bring smile to their face every time they use there iPhone.

5.    Funny Fart Alarm

If you are seriously looking for some fun sound funny gift, then here is one for you.  Gift your boyfriend or husband a Fart Alarm this Valentine’s Day. You have to play a trick with this alarm.

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