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Engagement Gift Idea for the Couple

Engagement Gifts are a token of love that we generally shower the would-be couple with. It is a way to express our joy and good wishes for their happy future. Since an engagement acts as the bridge between the dating days and the final wedding date, Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples should be less formal and more of fun. So let the traditional engagement gifts take a backseat and for a change come up with Unique Engagement Gift Ideas, which the couple can always cherish on top of having lots of excitement.  Get something which will cross the imagination of the soon-to-be bride and groom and will be thrilled as soon as you hand them your exclusive gift item.

Choosing an engagement gift is easier if you happen to be a close associate of the couple or either one of them as you will have an idea of their taste and preference. This makes the task simpler and allows you to come up with some creative as well as romantic Gift Ideas for the Couple. While arranging all these, remember that your present should be something which can enhance the celebration of the new couple.

Engagement Gift Idea for the Couple

If you are still confused with what to gift the couple, get a peek into our list of Unique Engagement Gift Ideas for the Couple.

Engagement Gift Ideas for the Couple

  • Spa Coupon for twoWhat can be more romantic and relaxing for a couple to go for a spa session once the hectic engagement party gets over? So gifting them with a spa voucher specially designed for couples can be the most unique yet romantic engagement gift. In this process they will also reconnect and come closer and will always be appreciative of you for such a special present.
  • Digital CameraNothing can be more authentic than a digital camera to catch hold of memories. Thus present one to your friend who is going to tie the knot very soon. To be a bit creative, stick a sweet note stating that you want them to catch up all the sweet moments while gearing up for the final day. Obviously it will provide them with beautiful recollections, later when everything will be over.
  • Engagement AlbumFor a change, hire a professional photographer and ask him to capture the best moments of the event along with few unique clicks of the couple. Once the occasion gets over, craft out an engagement album with a passionate note on the cover. Present it to them on the next day. This sweet gesture of yours will surely make the gift more unique.
  • Personalized itemsIf not anything, you can even present any of the personalized items like congratulation engraved wine bottle and gift basket, Tie the knot bracelet, custom coffee mugs and Engagement wine glasses. These gifts can be accompanied by a special card with few words of yours wishing the couple for a happy and blissful future. Time may pass by but the gift from you will always remind them of this beautiful occasion and how you took the extra care to add meaning to it.
  • Afternoon AwayHosting an engagement party can be stressful and the couple might be too busy to even exchange a proper glimpse of each other. So what about presenting them with an “afternoon away” opportunity during the next couple of days? As per their taste, you can book a theatre show, a movie or a dinner table in one of the popular restaurants in the city. The Unique Engagement Gift Idea will let the couple spend some “us alone” time, peacefully.
  • Wedding Planning BookA wedding Planning Book can be another interesting item that you can present the couple with. Though exchanging the vows is the occasion that all of us celebrate with lots of excitement, it also needs a lot of preparation to schedule the day with perfection. Thus your gift can guide them with tips and suggestions to turn their dream wedding into reality.
  • Wall ArtIf any of the couple is artistically inclined then a wall art can be the best option to congratulate them on this joyous day. It can be anything from a piece of contemporary art, symbolism to a traditional one. But it should be noted that it goes well with their preference as well on their wall.
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