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Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

The time you take out and things you do to create something extraordinary for someone who is not so ordinary, makes gift giving a really cherished experience. What makes a gift to be worth is not its cost but the efforts one has put into the giving. This is the idea that asked us to make some creative Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. So that you can share your deepest emotions and desires this Valentine’s Day and not let slip by any opportunity to express the love in best possible way.

You just need to put in a little effort (actually that is what really going to matter) and some brains while picking something for your Valentine’s Date. Ditch those ideas of flowers and chocolates do something different and not so common, pick one of the Creative Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can imagine your beloved and you know it well about the things you can do, to make them the happiest. Forget those expensive gifts, it’s time for love and care to take the show ahead this Valentine’s Day.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Here we have some creative Valentine’s Day gift for ones who resides in the heart. These Creative Valentine’s Day gift are original, personalized, exclusive handmade goods that will delight and enchant your beloved.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

This Valentine’s Day, you can choose to make a cheesecake that must be so deliciously smooth and creamy that it just melts in your beloved’s mouth, with just a hint of tang and tastes, filled with rich cream from the cream cheese. There are many recipes available on the web to help you out. You can also use food colours to write on each of them a personal message saying- be mine, I am yours, crazy 4 you, cutie pie etc.

Booze Gift Basket

For a creative Valentine’s Day gift idea a themed gift baskets are great. If your man is one of them, who likes beer and wine you can prepare a beer or wine gift basket for him this Valentine. Get hold of all the latest and different branded brews and wines from around the world.  Use your creativity and decorate the neck of all brew bottles with ribbons and other craft trappings.  Now beautifully arrange them in the basket and now you need to add your own imagination to adorn the basket well.

Felt Fortune Cookies

Everyone loves to open or crack and eat a fortune cookie. They are very easy to make as many different do-it-yourself ideas which can make this valentine day gift a special one. Not like real fortune cookies the message hidden inside, is now will be chosen by your artistic mind. A hidden thing always adds excitement.  Write a message in each of the fortune cookie, make many different ones with different colours and gift them all to your boyfriend as a creative Valentine’s Day gift.

Those 52 things “I love about you”

Now this creative Valentine’s Day gift requires all your imagination and originality. Instead of plain cards, take out the bundle of those 52 playing cards. You need to write 52 things about your lover and the reason why you love him/her. This is the perfect opportunity to say and share your love using a creative mind.  You can be funny and you can be serious when pointing out things you likes the most about your sweetheart. You can do it the way you want add pictures and use glue and paper strips to write what you want to convey. Now punch these cards together and tie them with the ribbon or a lace.

Made with Love Cookies

This creative Valentine’s Day gift will make a way for love from the stomach to your boyfriend’s heart. You need to have some culinary skills for this. Tell your love how much you love them with all the love you have in your heart and have taken out time for them to put in all your efforts to make delicious, made with love cookies. Add more personal touch to the gift, get one old jar that looks like those earliest once with a wooden cap over it. Arrange these cookies in it and then tie the collar of the jar with ribbon and put a personal love note. 

Message in a Bottle Valentine

Take out any transparent slim bottle that must have cork as its lid, this will add an antique and creative touch to it. Now cut some small heart shapes with different coloured papers. Glue them on the bottle unevenly. Write a love note on the piece of paper and roll it. Put it inside the bottle in the shape of the scroll, add to the bottle some glitters and thermocol-balls. Now Use ribbons and other decorative items to adore this valentine bottle.

Make Handmade Heart Jewellery

Your girl will go crazy for you if you can make this creative Valentine’s Day gift for her. Take help from your female friends to make it. All you need is some ribbons and some inspiration or imagination. You can make neck-pieces and love bands using some create-and-craft accessories.

Handmade Photo Frame

Get back to the old school craft classes, when you were asked to make those cardboard photo frames. This Valentine’s Day gift will be a much personalised Valentine’s Day Gift for your beloved.  Get the hard copy of the picture of you two to make a beautiful photo frame. There are various handmade do-it-yourself steps and guides available to make a creative Valentine’s Day gift photo-frame to gift your someone special.

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