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Christmas Day Gift Ideas

Christmas Day Gift ideas will guide you to plan out an enthralling Christmas present to be offered as a token of love to the dear ones. Besides merrymaking, Christmas is the festival of exchanging lots of endearing gifts. Be it kids or adults, everyone waits for this occasion to be celebrated with sheer excitement and enthusiasm. On this auspicious occasion, people become more conscious and caring about what a dear one will love to receive. If you want to surprise your loved ones and make their Christmas party even more joyous and memorable then planning out something unique is essential and this is when Christmas Day Gift Ideas come handy.

Traditionally, family and friends gather to eat an extensive meal, tell Christmas stories, exchange of Xmas gift and singing of Christmas songs on this festive day. Christmas gift giving dates back to Jesus’ birth, when the wise men bought their tokens of love for the Almighty.

Christmas Day Gift Ideas

This ritual has been carried through generations and even today people engage in gifting their close ones. From digital cameras, concert tickets to jewellery there are certain specific options which one can choose to gift their loved ones while celebrating Xmas. Go through the top 10 Christmas Day Gift Ideas and plan a special present for your loved ones.

Top 10 Christmas Day Gift Ideas


  1. Clothes – Christmas falls in midst of cold December in majority of the countries. So gifting warm clothes is an awesome idea. One can look out for light to heavy winter wears that are available in the market or for those that have made the latest trend. Going for something from his much-loved brand can also make his heart even warmer during Christmas.
  2. Watch – A watch can sum up to be a great and useful Christmas gift if your dear one needs to be pretty busy round the clock or if you have noticed that his/her watch is getting too old. Nowadays watches at affordable ranges with variety of style are also available in the market. The only thing one needs to do is set the budget and get out grabbing one of them.
  3. Perfume – This Christmas, add that extra aroma of love in your relation by gifting her bottle of a scented perfume. Colognes and perfumes are easy to pick up which offer an option of trying out a new brand. Moreover many popular perfume styles come in specially priced value gift sets that include body lotion, shower gel and portable roll-on scents.
  4. A Gift forever – When Christmas is round the corner, certain shops offer Christmas discounts particularly on electronic appliances as for example Digi Camera, Handicams, Laptops, LCD, Mobiles, Digi photo frames etc which can be a great Christmas Day Gift Idea.
  5. Sugar Free Gifts – Though a bit expensive, nowadays sugar free Christmas gifts are also available in the market to make sure that the diabetic patients are not left behind during the celebration. If you are gifting these to someone who is a health freak, he/she will thank you whole heartedly.
  6. Christmas Surprise Box- Sometimes it is quite tough to choose one particular present amongst so many pretty gift options. If you are planning to gift her/him with around 3 or more presents, then Christmas surprise box is a wonderful idea. You can club a nice winter jacket, hot chocolate, favourite wine, Christmas movie and a book which he/she used to love reading during festive week of Christmas. Whatever your pick, remember to wrap the box with a good fabric gift packing or you can also bundle them in a big mason jar.
  7. Candy and Chocolate Bouquet– Christmas is one festival where you love to gorge on scrumptious delicacies. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, just gift them with an attractive bouquet of colourful candies and yummiest of chocolates. For children you could also plan for some Santa Claus bonbons.
  8. Beauty Basket- No matter how more or less good looks conscious they are, but women simply love to receive beauty products as gifts. You can team up 4-5 beauty items, like a nice lustrous gloss, foundations, hair gels, lotions, curling iron and a lot more. Make sure you wrap the basket attractively as a great packaging equals to second gift.
  9. Envelope with Outdoor Vacation- If you want to gift your loved ones something that will turn out as an exciting experience, then present an envelope with outdoor vacation package. You can give this to some of your newly married friends, parents and can also plan this as a gift for your partner, of course you will be the person to accompany him/her.
  10. Favourite Sports or Gym Gear- Presenting your loved ones with their favourite sports or gym gear is a wonderful gift idea for Christmas. Individuals can use this gift on regular basis and for quite a long period of time.
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