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Chocolate Day: Know Which Chocolate Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Chocolate can add sweetness to any relationship. That’s why it is an easy choice for the gift in any occasion like birthday, graduation, anniversary, Diwali or Rakhi. But when it comes to love, there is something really special about chocolate. Since Aztec civilization, it is considered as the love potion. There is rarely someone who does not like chocolate in some form. Be it dark, milk or white; we barely can resist any of the types to indulge.




History Of Chocolate: During the first civilization, the rich and mystic brew of cocoa bins was known as the gift of God. This sour drink was discovered by the Spanish explorer. They took the advantage of the sharp taste and kept experimenting with it. Finally, Cortez, the well-known Spanish explorer blended sugar with cocoa and created the sensational food of love – chocolate. Then only people of Spanish dynasty were permitted to drink it. The modern-day chocolate got it from when other cultures of the world started experiments by incorporating different ingredients.

Now you can have many varieties of chocolates now available in the market like milk, dark, coconut, hazelnut, wafers, caramel and liqueur. Before starting your chocolate shopping, know more about this love drug here.




  • Milk Chocolate: The most common as well as most popular genre of chocolate is milk chocolate. It never goes out of fashion and always happily accepted by the other end. To play safe for any little acquaintance, milk chocolate is always the best option to impress.
  • Dark Chocolate: It is considered as the healthiest option among all kinds of chocolate. It is also good for the heart of your sweetheart.
  • Wafer Chocolate: If you want to add some crunches to your relationship, then wafer chocolate is the best choice for you. Soft and sweet outside and crunchy from inside will perfectly express your relationship.
  • Hazelnut Chocolate: The taste of cocoa bins is increased when it blends with the rich taste of hazelnut. From packing to out of the world flavour; your partner will definitely feel never ending chocolate craving from its very first bite.


Coconut Chocolate


  • Coconut Chocolate: If your partner like her sweet not too sweet; then grab the bar of coconut bar. These bars are filled with coconut with a sweet coating of milk chocolate making it soft and flavoursome.
  • Caramel Chocolate: When you take the first bite of the bite you will get the rich taste of milk chocolate while caramel will be melting in your mouth. This is the best gift from your harder outside but softer inside boyfriend in this Chocolate day.


Caramel Chocolate


  • Liqueur Chocolate: When chocolate gets a touch of alcohol, you cannot ask for more. Liqueur chocolate is the newest member of the family where a spoonful of liqueur preferably Ram or Vodka is coated with sweet chocolate.
    If you still confuse to choose the chocolate for your beloved, then we suggest you get a box of assorted chocolates and enjoy your Valentine week.
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