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Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Be it your daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister or mother, a girl plays the most significant role in making our life beautiful. However, the girl has divine power to carry everything on her shoulder and still manages to have smiling face to light the ambience of brightness and happiness. Birthday gift ideas for girls give you one chance to pay your gratitude on the special occasion to the angel of your life. This way you can do vice versa to her which she has been doing it for you so long. Make her birthday the most special day of her life by performing and implementing best birthday gift ideas for girls. Girls are very subtle in nature they will expect a lot from you but will never let you know directly about their wishes and desires. Being a good partner and closed one, you must put efforts and let your girl know that her love and care have been noticed and its time to repay that. The list of birthday gifts for a girl can best express your love to your girl and your endeavors will be best accepted in the form of best birthday gifts for a girl.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls


If the angel of your life is your first baby, your Barbie doll than also there are options to pamper her with 1st birthday gift ideas for girls which can be kept for years and remembered as the pleasant birthday gift for a girl. Find the cherishing gift ideas for girls for varied ages and relations.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls


  • Personalized gift- Personalized gifts are much more overwhelming and heart touching and can be kept for years as well. If she is still wearing bibs to keep her clothes clean when she eats, have a bib made with her name on it. Many baby specialty stores have stuffed animals that can be personalized as well. Another great personalized gift is a chair or rocking chair that is child-sized. Giving your daughter a chair just for her will help her feel like the big girl she is.
  • Wallet- Girls enjoy saving money and collecting things for years, this birthday give your girl a beautiful wallet and fill the wallet with the money of her age, like if she is 10 then $10 or 15 for $15. Find several appropriate wallet choices for all budget levels at teen-friendly accessory boutiques where you can find the most trendy and beautiful collection.
  • Movie Tickets- Teenagers love to go to movies, and a sweet birthday girl would be thrilled to receive movie tickets or cinema gift passes as a sweet 16 birthday gift. Find the movie of her choice in a nearby cinema and book tickets for her and her friends with whom she can enjoy the most.  Plan her whole day with movie and lunch after that to let her know that she needs to do nothing but to enjoy the day completely.
  • Key Ring- Choose from a boundless array of key rings at local card and gift shops or even discount department stores. Some key rings may be personalized with her own name and birth date. Other key rings may accommodate your choice of photographs of the birthday girl or photos from her sweet 16 birthday party.
  • Makeup kit– Makeup and pampering products are a treat that most young women appreciate. You can surprise her with Items that she will love include hair perfume, moisturizing lotion, mascara/kohl pencil/eyeliner, lipstick, nail varnish, foundation, concealer, cleanser, face mask, bath/shower gel. Perhaps she also needs a new hair dryer, hair straightener/curling wand, electric toothbrush, or makeup mirror and brushes. A voucher for day spa session, or just a manicure, pedicure, facial or deep tissue massage would be an indulgent gift.
  • New clothes- New clothes are one of the most wished things for every age of girl. Your young woman may well have very definite preferences and it would be just too easy if she listed her favorite color, style, store, and dress size. You can decorate her wardrobe this year with a beautiful dress of her choice but as a surprise gift for her special occasion.
  • Accessories for the Lifestyle– On her special day , you can surprise your girl by gifting her the most needful and desired things like she will need sunglasses, cosmetic purse/mirror, hair combs/clips, wallet, business card case, pen and a watch. Fashion items that change with the seasons include belt, earrings, studs, bracelet, and necklace, thick or thin gold chain, pendant, anklet, ring, scarf, cap and jacket. For a day at the beach or pool she will need a swimsuit, towel, bag, spray on sunscreen.
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