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25th Anniversary Gift For Husband

The tradition of gift is as old as the origin of human life. Gifts always have a special place in our lives. No matter whom it comes from and what it is. Every occasion is incomplete without gifts. A gift is the best way to say ‘I care’.

It is always a very challenging task to choose the right gift for somebody, especially when it comes to the 25th anniversary gift for husband. The event is a milestone in a marriage. So leave no stone unturned to make it memorable. After all how many times do you celebrate 25th Anniversary! This day reignite your love, celebrate the togetherness, remember the challenges you faced together and make a perfect start to the next quarter century of your married life.

Make sure to gift him something which he will truly admire and cherish. It should reflect your love and compassion for him. The gift can be in silver, in tune with the Silver Jubilee, such as a silver pocket watch or a silver bookmark if he has a habit of reading. It will always stay close to him and remind him of you every now and then. A silver ring or silver wine glasses can also be considered.

25th Anniversary Gift For Husband

However if you do not want to go the traditional way, we have listed some more options for your 25th anniversary gift for your husband.

Ideas for 25th Anniversary gift for husband

  • A Holiday- Getting a vacation he always wanted will make it a perfect 25th anniversary celebration. You can go to the place where you both first met or a place where you both planned to go when you grow old. But if you are planning a surprise do not forget to sync it with his schedule and make the necessary arrangements. It is always safe to ensure it is refundable and can be postponed. You can also get him a spa appointment.
  • Sports gifts- If he is interested in sports you can give him his favourite sports’ kit. You can gift your husband his favourite sports club or team’s merchandise or passes for the match. If he is into golf you can get him the nearest golf club’s membership.
  • Something he was planning to buy since a long time- Get him that GPS device or the fishing kit he wanted to buy for long. You can also get him 25 small gifts (in tune with 25th anniversary) such as his favourite wine, electric shaving kit, cufflinks, watch, his favourite books, CDs, or the cheese cake which he had in Taiwan.
  • Personalised gifts- A self-made scrapbook of moments spent together with personalised comments, or write a poem for him or make a sweater or wardrobe makeover. You can record messages and greetings from his friends and relatives and give him the CD on D-day.
  • Things you abstain him from buying or doing- Well ladies, don’t try to deny this. Every woman finds something in her husband which she doesn’t like or approve of and it is perfectly fine to disagree. For instance, if you don’t like him to sing, let him sing on his 25th anniversary.
  • A surprise party with his old friends- It is always good to see old friends, especially if they are 25th anniversary gift for the husband! Don’t forget to invite that good friend of his whom you hated for no or silly reason.
  • Art and Paintings- If your husband has a taste for paintings or ancient artefacts or musical instruments, do not hesitate to gift him the same on his 25th anniversary.
  • Skill classes- There are many people who want to learn certain skills but can’t pursue them due to work obligations or time constraints. If your husband is one of them, now is the time to enrol him for those piano or painting or French classes. Remember, gym enrolment is a complete no- no, you will have a bright chance of spoiling your 25th anniversary gift for your husband.

All the best for your 25th anniversary shopping!

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