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Things Not To Tell Your Partner

Are you trying to figure out what exactly set your partner off, lately? Well, there is quite a number of Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner that could hamper your relationship. Being honest in your opinions about your significant other is definitely a virtue but there is a fine line demarcating a straightforward attitude and being out rightly rude. We are cautioning you to keep a check on what splutters out of your mouth that could spark off an argument between you two. We present to you a list of all those Things Not to Tell Your Partner so that an eternal bond fosters and you both feel cherished forever.


Often what we think and actually end up saying go in divergent ways incurring hostile reactions from the addressee. You might be totally innocent while making a remark at your wife’s dressing style but the way you frame your sentence to the way you deliver it makes the whole difference. Take heed of the Things You Should Never Say to Your Wife which could hurt her. There is something you don’t like about your husband and you decide to confront him about that, well, your criticism could easily sway from the helpful aspect to the hurtful one even before you realize it. Prevent such happenings and check out the record of Things Not to Tell Your Husband in order to avoid an impending spat. Remember there is no way you can un-say what has once escaped your lips.


Things Not To Tell Your Partner


Things Not To Tell Your Partner

Scroll further down to identify the Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner in order to lead a healthy relationship.


“My mother/father/ex…”

Comparing your girlfriend or boyfriend with your ex is a big no-no. If something about him/her reminds you of your ex, be wise enough to stay silent about it. There’s nothing worse than your partner feeling that you still miss your ex. Another stop board is comparing your wife with your mother and your husband with your father. Truth be told, love is not a competition where your significant other has to constantly strive to meet the standards set by you. Let him/her love you the way it defines them.


“You’re behaving like your mother/father!”

Now there are things you don’t appreciate about your in-laws and to make matters worse you lash out at your partner with the remark that he/she is being as inconsiderate as his/her parents. Avoid comparing your partner’s behavior with that of his/her parents as it will make him/her take the defensive route making you regret uttering those rash words later.


“Looks like <insert name> has been working out…”

Well, you sure have a neighbor who is gorgeous! But, trust me; you do not want to praise him/her in front of your spouse. Marveling at the fitness quotient of another man or woman can make your partner feel dreadfully jealous and in some cases, inadequate. Spare that feeling and store up those compliments only for your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.


“Black makes you look slim…”

This is a grave mistake most husbands and boyfriends commit. Though you really are complimenting her but she takes it in a way that you are commenting on her weight. As you know, weight is a great issue among women generally, and you really ought to watch how your words spur out while dealing with this sensitive topic.


“I earn more than you do!”

Even though you don’t intend to belittle you partner, trust me that is exactly the message which is going across. Never flaunt the fact that you earn more than your significant other as it could brutally injure his/her ego, self-esteem and confidence. Your relationship may just not recover from this point. So, beware!



Conversation killers, as they are, these words simply exhibit that you are no longer interested in what your partner is up to. If your better half wants your opinion in something, be gracious enough to reply with a satisfactory answer, at least? If your partner is making an effort to strike up a conversation, be sensitive enough to respond adequately and not in mono-syllables. If you are really busy, just buy some time!


“You won’t probably understand…”

Wives and girlfriends, here’s your cue. So, you might be expecting a baby or are tending to the household chores, do not assume that your partner will not understand. All you need to do is communicate. One of the Things Not to Tell Your Boyfriend or Husband is that he will fail to support you, making them feel ever more incapable.


“You should consider taking cooking lessons…”

Attention, husbands and boyfriends! One of the Things You Should Never Say to You Girlfriend or Wife is that she has bizarre culinary skills. The least you can do is gulp down whatever she has cooked with a reasonable smile of gratitude. After all she has devoted a fair amount of time and energy in pleasing you. The food in front you may taste horrible but it sure has the essential ingredient of love. Savor it!



Have you been negating all the wishes of your partner lately? Go an extra mile and explain to your partner the reason behind your saying no to him/her. It does seem a little unfair but most girls find it difficult to digest a no from the opposite sex. Sigh! A little insight would sure lift her spirits up, if nothing else.

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