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Talk About Past Relationships

When you are in relationship, you must talk about past relationship but the question arise when and how. It is fact that long term relationship can be carried with honesty and loyalty only. Talking about past relationship is not easy, there is always fear about losing your partner and losing trust in your relationship.

Talk about past relationship and see the difference in your own, make your relationship unblemished and crystal clear. When and how to talk about past relationship tips are given below which will help you to find the best situation and condition to talk to your partner. The most elusive issue and claudestive must be opened by taking care of every aspect.

Talk About Past Relationships

  • Wait for the right moment- When you have just met a new boyfriend, there is no sense of discussing your past relationship with him. Don’t do any comparison either of your boyfriend with your mate.  There is strictly no to the discussion of past relationship at the start of new relationship. Don’t hide about your previous relationships from your present just tell him it’s so early to discuss about previous relations. Tell your partner that you will be telling him everything from the past, the moment you get that comfort level from him.
  • Tell him with balance- When you are telling the story to your new boyfriend, make a balance in your words.  Don’t skip your words in middle and give your partner to doubt on you that you are still smitten about your ex.  Don’t elaborate any of the quality of your ex and make it short and simple. Be specific and unequivocal about your break-up reason. Appreciate your present as comparison to your past.
  • Don’t ever do comparison- Comparison brings feeling of inferiority and despair. Don’t ever do that, it will make your boyfriend do competition and later on it will get him frustration. So, talk about past relationship but don’t stretch them into your new. Don’t even make any image or paragons of your past in your heart that can affect your decisions sooner or later.
  • Take care with specifics- Some partner in love wants to know about everything in your life and specially your past relationship and physical intimacy in it. Behave sagaciously and tell him all the truths but don’t pick up the topics which you can’t answer. When the questions raised by your partner discreet them and don’t get into a serious problem.   Don’t let your talks sully your past memories or your present relationship, just be specific with your words and details you can give to your partner.
  • Associate your current date with objects and things- It is quite natural thing to get memories of your past relationship but you have to struggle and make new memories with your new partner. Don’t ever associate your past experiences with your new memories. Don’t even share and emphasize on your past memories so that your present date feel left out and dispossessed.  Whatever feelings come in your mind related to your past replace them with your new love and try to make new memories without intimating these things to your partner.
  • Get over your ex before discussing your ex- Be sure in your mind and heart when it’s about your ex. Have you completely overcome from your past? Are you in serious relationship with your new partner? Talk to your partner only when you are sure about your feelings to your partner.  Make sure that you are completely over from your past memories.
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