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Relationship Mistakes Guys Make

If you happen to be the guy whose relationship does not last long, then there you are making the common Mistakes That Men Make with Women. Wooing a woman and making her fall for you is an art and you have to be continuously perfect at it to keep up the spark in between you two. No matter for how long she have been a part of your life, the moment you lay back and stop nurturing your bond, Relationship Problems will for sure creep out. Just like every living thing needs to be pampered and cared for, even your relationship needs to be showered with love, affection and warmth.

Though no relationships are perfect, if we try we can land them next to Mr. Perfection. So it is important to look into the mistakes that you being the guy have been making all these years. It is easy to point out your partner’s fault, but have you for a second thought about the things that have been troubling her and as well the bonding? Yes, it is time that you wake up and look around. To help you realise, the blunders you have been splitting up, get hold of our Relationship Advice for Men.

Relationship Mistakes Guys Make

Read through the Relationship Mistakes Guys Make to avoid losing her.

Common Mistakes Guys Make in Relationship


1. Ignoring Her Point Of View

You being the guy does not permit you to make all the decision at all time. This can be pretty annoying and will push her away from you. Obviously she will make her feel less important or as if she has got no role to play in the relationship. Come on, tomorrow if she does the same with you, even you will be hurt. Instead make her a part of your discussion and plans and respect her opinions.

2. Taken For Granted

Though relationship experts keep pointing out, this is a common Mistake Men Make with Women – taking her for granted. We know that it has been time that you both have been into each other’s life, but that does not mean that you will start taking advantage of situations and things. Lack of intimacy, making no clear conversations, no time to take her for dinner, cold reactions etc can hamper your relationship to the extent that one fine day both of you will be back to being strangers. In place of it, be the man she fell for, till her hair grows grey.

3. Expecting Change

She is not your puppet that she will do things as it pleases you. Initially she might not say anything but as time passes it will be intolerable for her and a time will arrive she will choose the exit door in your relation. Accept her as she is. Appreciate her small gestures and encourage her for anything she is passionate about.

4. Being Possessive

Remember the popular saying, “too much of everything is injurious”! Right, the same dose applies here. Being a bit possessive is a suiting ingredient to spice up your bonding but care needs to be taken not to overdo it. Even she is an individual and needs some space of her own and you ought to admire that. Moreover, your girl is a grown up lady now, she knows how to take care of her requirements.

5. Keeping Priorities High

Expecting too much out your partner and keeping YOUR PRIORITIES above hers can suffocate her. Failing to feel her existence in the relationship can make you regret later on. But by then it will be too late. To compromise a bit to see her smile can be a healthy way instead.

6. Keep Your Ears Open To Her

Even though too much of fights can spoil a bonding, completely avoiding it will as well do no good. It is a human tendency to feel relieved when we share out our tensions and complicacies in life. So whenever your girl approaches you with her burdened shoulder, providing her a listening ear and mutually sorting out the issue can be the best thing. At times it might be annoying, but just don’t avoid it.

7. Talking About Ex

Your ex is your past. Don’t drag topics related to her into your presence only to ruin your future. Talking about your previous girl friend, at the drop of your hat will make your current partner feel insecure and annoyed. This will also mean that you are still attached to your ex.

8. Lacking Zest for Life

 Believe us; it is very maddening and irritating for your girl to notice your laid back attitude. Showing no passion and enthusiasm for life or lacking career oriented goals are appreciated by no women. If you think, you belong to this category, then it is time you change your outlook.

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