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Reasons You Are Still Single

A big universe, so many countries, seven billion people and you are still single? Some just want to be single but some are desperately looking for someone. Strange ways of the world! Isn’t it? Stop being picky, take a break from looking for  an ideal partner, break the walls around, talk more, make yourself connected and adaptable, be open to every opportunity and when you meet someone you like, keep dating around because  no one knows what’s round the corner. Let’s get yourself clear of the Reasons You Are Still Single, which are keeping you away from getting into a relationship.

Singlehood is not bad thing. But having someone like a soul mate is rather more than a blessing. Sometimes you have turned all the corners and dated many but at the end of the day you are again single. The question ‘why am I single’ ponders over many, when they see people perfectly paired together and they are the only lonely ones on the planet. There must a Big Secretive Reason behind your undesired singlehood. Take a deep breath look into yourself and see where you are lacking behind.  Now it’s time to judge yourself more than anyone you are looking for.

Reasons You Are Still Single

5 Big Reasons You Might Be Still Single

There is no need to get panic or think as if there’s anything “wrong” with you. However, just check out these reasons why you are still single and allow yourself to be loved and get in a loving desired relationship.

1. Too Much Obsessed & Needy

We can say that you are too clingy- if you have left your own life and passions just for the one you are dating or want to date. Just the day you have met someone, you have become too much obsessed about them that you doesn’t stop calling, constantly tell how much you love them, buy flowers and chocolates all the time and you just want to spend all your time with them that the other person get annoyed.

2.  Unrealistic Checklist

Are you looking for a perfect partner, then forget it you won’t get any. It’s good to set standards for yourself. However don’t look for something beyond reach and that you yourself can’t attain. Don’t be too picky, limit it up and bring it down- look for someone who understands you well and you can get along with them easily.

3. You Hang Up On Your Ex

You are looking for someone like your ex? You are not done with the past yet, then how can you move on. You have to clear the place for someone else to come and settle there. For once you have already made up the mind to just find someone same from your past. Then how can you then you allow anyone else in your life.

4. You Keep on Going with Negatives

It doesn’t matter how you look and how confident you feel. If you have something bad in your heart, it will be there on your face, in your actions and will be there in your words too. Abandon all the negative spirits. If you’ve been on a string of many unsuccessful dates, there are chances that you’ll not have the most positive vibes about the one you meeting either.

5. Do You Like Yourself and Have Clear Intentions

You can’t make clear decisions or voice your opinion? Before going on a hunt to break the undesired singlehood, please ask these questions to yourself- Are you confident enough and are you open to the opportunities that come your way? Do you have a worthy and content life?  Are you clear about what actually you want? You get all the answers from within once you ask these questions to yourself.  And you must start working over these traits. Once you will be clear enough no one can stop you to get the one in your life.

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