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Love Marriage Relationship

Love marriage is connection between two individuals who has fallen in love and decided to spend their whole life together. Love is the most precious thing on this earth, a man can have. Love is the feeling of togetherness. Not everyone is lucky enough to marry or spend their whole life together. The lucky ones are very few to enjoy this pleasure. Love can happen anytime at any situation with anyone. Love has no rules, no boundaries, no rituals, and no obligations. Love happens in a minute at very fast glance or it may take years to realize the feeling of completeness. No one can define love.

Love marriage are much successful than arrange marriages as they have love between two individuals. Love make an individual strong and give power and strength to do compromise and sacrifice for each other. Love makes people selfless and teaches to care about others. The couples who have done love marriage feel content and responsible for each other. They know each other very well and remember the time of courtship to strengthen their married life.

Love marriage has the pillar of love, trust and belief between them which is hard to break down. In love marriage relationship, a biggest problem arise which is taking your partner for granted. Partners have so much trust and belief in their partners that they stop caring and putting efforts after marriage which is so harmful for further life. Couples should never forget that marriage is like a plant which needs love, trust and care to grow.

When you are in love you put all efforts to be together and make each other happy. Being together and feeling special is the only priority in lover’s life but after marriage there are other obligations which don’t let you give your 100% to the partner. Social life, office, friends, families and responsibilities all are evils of love but you can manage everything so easily because you have the strongest weapon with you and that is simply your true love for each other.

Spending time together, giving importance to each other’s problem and sharing your entire plus and minus thoughts leads to wonderful relation of understanding and trust. Love marriage start having problems when partners’ start taking each other for granted and hide things from each other which can create misunderstandings. Don’t let this thing happen between you two and make your relationship strong to fight with all the social obligations.

It’s always been issues that arrange marriage is better than love marriage and vice versa. The developing countries or rural countries like India strongly believe that arrange marriages are much successful and love is spoiling element for youngsters, it distract the young generation from their aim of life. In India parents don’t allow their children to make any relation before marriage and strictly against to love marriages. The young generation is proving it wrong and living a successful life with their love interest. Love makes you to do best and achieve aims, it is creator not destroyer.

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