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Long Distance Relationship Problems

Don’t get shock, if you are facing long distance relationship problems in your life. Like any other relationship, ldr does have ups and down of its own kind. Long distance relationship couples have to put extra effort to carry their relationship and make their true love succeed. Perhaps you must have seen the perfect couples, made for each other kind people start fighting and end up their relationship because of long distance relationship problems.  There are many assumptions about long distance relationship and its problems by the couples and that makes them petrified of separation.

There are many successful stories of long distance relationship couple and on the other hand there are many people who have ruined their relationship and faced a very bad phase of life by long distance relationship problems.  Even though, some couples have maintained a beautiful long distance relationship and proved that love is divine and has power to manage everything. If two individuals are connected to each other by the bonding of love then can manage all the types of problems including long distance relationship problems. But they must have strong understanding and trust for each other.

The most grueling job of couples starts when they have to sacrifice their priorities for a single call, and understand partner’s situation without even complete clarification and explanation. Long distance relationship problems have many issues and situations for which you can’t blame a single partner or the situation. It’s about everything around couples their attitude, circumstances, feelings and etc.

LDR Problems

Lack Of Trust

Lack of trust is the biggest problem of any relation either it is long distance or not.  A relationship must have the strong pillar of Trust. You must trust on your partner and believe in his/her words. Especially in long distance relationship, you are left with no choice then to believe your partner. Questioning, doubt and explanations make your relationship weak and lead to end up the relation in bad phase. If you can’t trust your partner and start making your own stories for one single miss call.

Becoming Strangers

When you are away from your partner, you tend to make different habits and attitude towards life. Your partner is living in different situation and location from you and you can never understand the exact needs and requirements of it. Perhaps you feel that you are talking to someone new a stranger, because of different activities and thinking towards life. These types of situations occur when the couple are not connected to each other much. When they create their different lives without their partner in it, It has to be solved by keeping in regular contact and sharing all your regular activities.

No Dependency

Having a long distance relationship, make you free from your partner and create a new personality of you who is not dependent emotionally or physically on their partner. This self-dependency creates gap and differences in the relationship. It is must to be dependent on your partner emotionally at least when you are in long distance relationship. Ldr problems look for such circumstances and start putting sour in your mind about your partner.

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