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Romantic LDR Gift Ideas For Her

LDR gifts ideas for her will help you to make your girlfriend happy even with the long physical distance between both of you.  Pampering your girl is not always easy and when you are carrying a long distance relationship, you need to put extra efforts to surprise your girl and make her happy.  To brighten the light of love in your long distance relationship, you need to have the best LDR gift ideas for her. LDR gift ideas for her must have that charm and ability to strike a deep emotional cord into her heart.

The LDR gift must be something which can remind her and make her proud of being in a long distance relationship with you.  For the best LDR gift ideas for her, you need to have the complete information about her and her preferences of gifts. For the best creation of LDR gift blend your love and creativity and feel the magic in your gift.  Below you can find many loving and exciting LDR gift ideas for her to make more close to you and feel your presence even with long physical distance.

Romantic LDR Gift Ideas For Her

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Her


  1. Send your girl a plotted plant and tag a message with it that says like the plant your love will also grow and blossom the life of each other.
  2. Create a blog and beautify it with clip arts, images, video and sound clips too and post a message for your beloved daily about your feelings and pain of being apart.
  3. For an intimate gift, send your partner a pillowcase or scarf sprinkled with a bit of your perfume or cologne. You can be sure that your beloved will take it to bed with him/her.
  4. Create a customized calendar with the pictures of both of you and don’t forget to encircle the important and romantic dates of both of you.
  5. If you are still depending on emails and text-based instant messaging to communicate with each other, gift your partner a webcam this time. Most IM programs now have video-chat options.
  6. Choose an item of daily use like a T-shirt, hat or water bottle for your partner and have it printed with a design, logo or even photo. You must have many stores which do customize designing services and help you to stay connected with your beloved through them.
  7. Get a bracelet to your partner for their next Birthday and make sure it is engraved with a romantic message like ‘Love Knows No Boundaries’ to make an impact on her heart directly.
  8. Call your partner on the landline at a time when you know they won’t be around and then leave a romantic message on the voicemail. Your simple gift is sure to bring a smile to their face when they play it.
  9. Make a CD containing all those romantic songs you both love best and then send it to your partner. Your partner will love the idea and will able to memorize all the sweet memories of both of you.
  10.  Compose an entirely original poem for your beloved. It need not rhyme perfectly but make sure it expresses your truest feelings.
  11. Gift your mate a club membership which will enable them to pursue any of their favorite interests like golfing, books, dramatics or stamp collection. It will show your love and care to them and make you more close to your heart.
  12. Play online games together. Even though this might require some advance scheduling, in the end you are sure to have fun with each other.
  13. Gift your partner photos from various parts of your body, one for each week till they have a full jigsaw puzzle of you. The best thing about this gift is that it can be as naughty or nice as you like.
  14. Send your loved one a care package with assorted chocolates, cheese and wine and perhaps a cute teddy ‘bearing’ a romantic message from you.
  15. There is little that can replace the charm and romance of a hand-written letter. Choose a paper in pastel shades and sign off the epistle with a lipstick kiss or a spritz of your cologne.
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