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LDR Facts

Long Distance Relationship Facts can solve the problems faced by couples no matter what the distance is. While it is not possible to see your dear one frequently, these facts will pave the path to a healthy relation despite the miles between you two. All relationships have challenges; however long distance relationships often present additional ones. The two basic pillars of Long Distance Relationship facts are commitment and trust. In the absence of these two other LDR facts won’t work plus additional questions can haunt the mind.

Though the Long Distance Relationship facts need more effort to get going, it is not impossible. No matter what the distance is, the key to sustaining a long distance relationship is to bridge the gap. If you want your long distance relationship to work and sustain, you need to remember some dos and don’ts. Apart from just visiting your partner during vacations or weekends, you also need to stand strong through the test of time.


It is essential for both the partners to follow the LDR Facts to survive the relation through smoother path. Sustaining a long distance relationship can be challenging and might demand patience and honesty and this can be made possible with both the lovers working hand in hand by following some of the important LDR facts. Without wasting time read through the Long Distance Relationship Facts to know more about how to strengthen your relation.

LDR Facts

  • Accept the Reality – Both the lovers must understand that they are apart now and they have to live with reality and practicality. There can be problems and situations which you need to handle alone. The time has changed and now you have to satisfy yourself with phone calls only then physical appearance of your partner.
  • Be Committed – You are away from your partner and need to be committed towards him and your relation. You have to take all your decisions together and let each other know about all the activities you are pursuing. Commitment is warranty to you and your partner about your relation.
  • Life of your own – If you are away from your partner it does not mean that you have no rights of happiness and joy. You can have all the fun and excitement in your life with your friends. It is must to have your own life and give your partner some space as well. You must have something in your life to share with your partner.
  • Communication – Communication is not a wish but a requirement for both of you. The fact about long distance relationship is that if you are not in regular touch with your partner then you are tend to lose your closeness and love for each other gradually. There are some harsh facts about long distance relationship that you need to put efforts continuously to save your relationship.
  • Be Realistic – When you begin a long distance relationship, you must be practical. So, this means that if you happen to encounter any problem, your partner might not be there physically to help you out. Of course, you can talk to him/her for mental support and advice, but at the end of the day you will have to deal with it on your own.
  • Maximize the thing you do together – Make you and your partner do the same things and have similar interest in the activities. Watch the same T.V series and music videos, it will all give you words to exchange and maintain your interest together. Long distance relationships need to maintain the same interest to sustain the charm of relationship.
  • Be optimistic – You must have full confidence on your relationship. Believe in it if you truly think that he is your soul mate. Apply the law of attraction –think that you are so in love with each other and that both of you will be reunited very soon and live happily ever after… sounds like a fairy tale? But it works. So be POSITIVE and let it happen.
  • Give him/her Surprises – On important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, New Year and others, do something which he/she won’t be expecting. It maybe something that you have to do, something you have to give, or something that he/she is waiting for you to say. Let be it anything but give the best gift that you can gift. In this way, he will never forget that special moment.

Top 10 Tips On Long Distance Relationship

  1. See the geographic separation as temporary.
  2. Schedule visits and look forward to them.
  3. Maintain daily contact to ensure a strong emotional connection.
  4. Keep any feelings of envy under control.
  5. Be clear about your expectations.
  6. Patience, faith and hope are the key in maintaining a long distance relationship.
  7. Make your partner feel that she/he is a very important part of your life and has a pivotal role to play.
  8. Keep saying “I Love You” and “I need you”.
  9. Plan up a visit whenever it is possible.
  10. Remember: absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.
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