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Do’s And Don’ts of Long Distance Relationship

Dos and don’ts of long distance relationship help people keep the romance alive and avoid the problems arising because of the geographical barriers between them. Couples face challenges and may go through many pitfalls in maintaining their long distance relationship. That is why only a few can survive the challenges of physical barriers and manage to have a strong long distance relationship which is happy and relishing. Love and faith are the most powerful factors for the survival of a long distance relationship. By following the enlisted dos and don’ts of long distance relationship you can enhance the bond of trust and affection you share with your partner.

Though long distance relationships are tough to maintain but not impossible. There are some basic dos and don’ts which you need to keep in mind for a successful long distance relationship. Love, trust, care along with a lot of patience is the key to hold your mate close to your heart even with the long distance between you both. These do’s and don’ts will help you to improve the understanding you both share. The dos and don’ts of LDR will not let the chemistry and passions fade away because of minute things. There are certain basic rules of a relationship which keep the problems at bay and instil more maturity and understanding in the relationship.

Do’s And Don’ts of Long Distance Relationship

Given below are some dos and don’ts of long distance relationship which can help you keep things afloat and avoid a large number of problems. These are specifically compiled for the couples who find it difficult to cope with the distance between them.

Do’s And Don’ts of Long Distance Relationship


Do’s Of Long Distance Relationship

Communicate regularly- Communication is the channel which binds the two hearts with each other. It is very important to stay connected with each other when in a long distance relationship. When you are away from your partner and have another life comprising of a hectic work schedule or friends gatherings, you fall prey to the business and unconsciously get into the habit of forgetting to pick up the phone or revert. So, talking and connecting with each other is most vital thing to have a strong relationship. With the countless new innovations and apps, there are several options of staying connected such as video calling and instant messengers. They help you to remain a part of your beloved’s life and have a nearly face to face experience of communication.

Hold honesty- You must be honest with your partner and then only you can expect the same from your partner. It is very important to trust your partner in long distance relationship. Be faithful to your spouse and honest in/about your deeds and keep him or her posted about your feelings and your thoughts. Be utterly careful in not nagging your mate for minute things like not returning the call or replying late or not giving you enough time just because of your insecurities.

Compromise- For a strong relationship, it is must to do some compromise to strengthen your relationship. You are away from your partner and need to spend some of your expense on calling and talking. You need to skip some parties to talk to your mate and be the real lover to your partner.

Don’ts of long distance relationship

Don’t stalk- Long distance doesn’t allow you to stalk on your boyfriend. He is away from you but that does not mean he is hiding things from you and living another life without you. Communicate as much as you want but don’t make your partner paranoid of you by asking questions in every second minute. Trust your partner and let your love win above all other feelings.

Don’t Be Spiteful- If your boyfriend or girlfriend had good times with friends or opposite sex out there, then don’t be so rude and take revenge by doing the same. Trust your partner and feel happy for his/her joy.

Settle for a temporary replacement- Don’t be so impatient and make use of third party when your boyfriend is not around. You will tend to lose the trust of your partner and shaken the pillar of relationship.

Some other dos and don’ts of relationship

  • DO plan your time together carefully
  • DON’T be a slave to your relationship
  • DO try to find a way to change things
  • DON’T take any big steps before you’re ready
  • Do plan to meet each other
  • Don’t wait and see attitude
  • Do surprise your partner
  • Don’t be suspicion
  • DO get to know each other’s friends
  • DON’T neglect the friends you have
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