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Advice for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Any couple who is separated by the geographical barriers need advice for a successful long distance relationship at some point of time in their love life. It is really hard and challenging to maintain a happy and strong long distance relationship. With such vast physical distance between two partners, it is tough to keep it romantic. Along with the distance, insecurity also creeps in. When there is a limited face to face interaction, the trust factor also starts fading in the long distance relationship. To keep away from such things, a couple needs advice for a successful long distance relationship.


It has been said that ‘distance makes heart fonder’. But is that really true? Do you really agree with the same? The confusion and misunderstandings which long distance relationship can create between the two love birds are very difficult to handle but not impossible. If you really love someone and living apart from your lover for any reason, no need to worry, you can still have a pleasant life and lovely relationship with your partner. The advice for a successful long distance relationship can help you handle the things in a mature way.

Advice for a Successful Long Distance Relationship


By setting up a few rules and employing some creative methods of communication, however, you can make a long-distance relationship work. Go through the following section to fan the flames of your long-distance romance, these strategies will help you to keep your long-distance love hot.


Advice for a Successful Long Distance Relationship


  • Set RulesSet rules about everything before getting apart, it will make easy for both of you to understand each other and be always available. Your timing of calls, meeting in the certain gaps and exchanging love notes and letters must be discussed and planned prior to all. This avoids unnecessary tension and argument. We would advise you to try your best to stick to the schedule. As a little out of the place things can make the long distance relationship vulnerable.
  • Do the SameIf you value your office or college timing than do the same for your partner. Make sure to plan your calls and chats according to the comfort of both. A little piece of advice here, give enough space to your partner when in a long distance relationship. You should not feel insecure just because he or she parties a lot or has many friends from the opposite gender. Instead try to be a part of his or her social life by trying to know more about it.
  • Stay in TouchWith new technologies, it is not really expensive and hard to stay connected with your partner. Use the whatsapp messenger to stay in touch with your partner throughout and discuss all your routine things with your partner. Skype is a good option for video calling and it saves your money as well.
  • Trust Each OtherTrust is the strongest pillar of any alliance especially the long distance relationship. To have faith and being understanding is the best advice for a successful long distance relationship. And even if you get a faintest hint of infidelity on his or her part, talk to your spouse about it rather than firing his or her head. And you should always keep your calm during such conversations.
  • Share Your InsecuritiesThe more you share your feelings whether positive or negative, it will make your relationship strong. Share all your insecurities and joys with your mate. It will help you to relax and clear all your doubts. It is advised for LDR that you should never hide things from your partner as that lets it to add up more to your lover’s doubts. For a successful long distance relationship, talk often about your doubts and insecurities.
  • Don’t be JudgmentalIf your loved one hasn’t called you some day or hung up the phone in five minutes. It doesn’t mean that he is in a hurry to meet his new girlfriend or is ignoring you as you are no longer important in his life. It might be his work or some emergency which he will tell you once he is done with that. Patience is the greatest key for a successful LDR, which strengthens your bonding with trust and love.
  • CommitCommitment gives you and your partner more strength and courage to fight with obstacles of long distance relationship. We advise you to be clear about the level of the commitment in your relation. Dedication is the key for a successful long distance relationship.
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