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Long Distance Relationship Songs

Long distance relationship songs are one of the main ingredients and spices which keep the aroma and taste of chemistry and passion intact in your love life. The songs which echo your feelings   can energise you to survive the physical barriers and aloofness from your lover. These songs for long distance relationship can help you maintain the intimacy and romance which is threatened by the geographical boundaries between you. Though the advent of technology has made things a tad easier for love birds like you but at times only long distance relationship songs can lift your spirits. Music is a powerful medium which can help you immensely to cope up with the pain of long distance relationship.


Sometimes when you miss your sweetheart too much, long distance relationship songs can help you find solace. You can share the songs through social networking sites and apps and listen to the sound track together. You can also dedicate a sweet number to your lovely partner, preferably one with which your mate can relate, whenever he/she is feeling low. And if you have a discounted phone plan or high speed internet connection then you can consider singing your loved one a melodious long distance relationship song. Such romantic gestures are very reassuring and bring you closer. Also when the next trip to your sweetheart is months away these songs for long distance relationship become all the more imperative and comforting.


Long Distance Relationship Songs


To keep the flame of romance and passion burning high, explore our list of the most sorted after songs for long distance relationship. So pick some new songs to add to your romantic songs playlist from among the best of this unique genre.


Songs for Long Distance Relationship


  • My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion: This legendary song from the movie Titanic is a rage among lovers. This touching song has immense power to heal your pain and make you grab a tissue at the same time. Every line of this song is so meaningful that you will be able to relate to it.
  • I wanna grow older with you by DJ Limmer: Imagine that your beloved other half is singing this song for you. That is the best way to enjoy this sweet and optimistic sound track. It talks about the desires of a true lover. It is one of the best songs to dedicate to your lover.
  • A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton: I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you, if I could just hold you tonight. This heart melting line will surely touch your soul and bring you out of the long distance blues.
  • I get lonely too by Drake: This long distance relationship song echoes the pain of lovers who are separated by geographical boundaries. It expresses their commitment to make the relation work and their yearning to meet.
  • Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles: This song is about the eagerness of two faraway lovers to be one. The lyrics revolve around the feeling of deprivation which a lover has when separate from his/her beloved.
  • Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes: The song does not specifically talk about long distance relationships but has a very soothing effect if you are missing your beloved who is miles away. It talks about the essence of love and the patience required to find true love.
  • Making memories of us by Keith Urban: If some day your sweetheart is feeling low and really wants to be with you, dedicate this melodious song to her/him. And your lover will definitely smile courtesy the touching and sweet lyrics.
  • The Heart of Life by John Mayer: This comforting number will fill your mind with positivity and clear the air of sadness. Dedicate this soothing song to your lover when he/she is really feeling down.
  • Kiss me thru the phone by Soulja Boy: This fun song is the best pick if you want to lighten up your mood. The beats of this sound track will definitely take your head off the things which are bothering you.
  • When you are gone by Avril Lavigne: This song is especially for those who find it very comforting when somebody can give words to the pain they feel after their beloved partner has gone away from them.
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