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Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

If you have started suspecting things about him due to his weird behaviours then it is time that you take into consideration the Sings of Being the Other Woman. Though none of us want to be the “side chick” in HIS life but it is a bitter truth that guys are much more complicated to understand than we presume them to be. It might be tough for you to believe that your guy might be seeing someone else beside you; but that should not stop you from checking for Cheating Signs in him. At the same time you might find Relationship Advices asking you not to get too nosey in the matters that your partner gets involved with but that does not mean you will completely turn your back and continue to be happy with whatever manner he treats you. In doing so, you will not only do injustice to your relation but as well to yourself.

Remember, this relationship is composed of you and him and this fact makes it clear enough that you owe an explanation to any of the weird behaviours that he has been showing off, off late. Believe it or not, but it is true that there are certain guys who can go up to any extent to juggle with as many girls as they can handle without letting their other half to have the slightest of idea regarding it. So in order to stay away from all these confusions read on the Relationship Advices for Women which will clearly reflect the Important Signs That You Are the Other Women.

Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

Are you sure that you are the only woman in HIS life? Read on to catch a brighter view of the Signs of Being the Other Woman.

6 Important Signs You Are the Other Woman

1. He Is Not Ready To Disclose

Though we all agree that it is not necessary to intertwine social media sites with our relationships, it will be weird if your guy becomes reluctant as soon as you mention about updating your relationship status. If he does not want the society to know about your relationship then something is fishy. He got to explain it to you why.

2. He Says No To Photos

A boy who is deeply in love with his girl can never deny clicking photos in order to capture the various moments of the relation. If your partner avoids taking photos with you then you got to find out the reason. Even if he is too shy of a guy, at least he won’t deny having photographs with you.

3. He Lives In Mystery

You have been dating your man for the past few months and till yet you have no clue of his residential address. Does that ring a bell in you? Obviously it should. If Cheating Signs are to be believed then this is one of the signs of you being the other woman. Perhaps he has another girlfriend and wants to hide you from her to avoid relationship drama. No matter whatever is the reason, you have got to find this out.

4. “Do Not Touch My Phone” Attitude

You say your partner is seriously involved with you and yet he does approve of touching his mobile or surfing through its content. Doesn’t that seem a bit weird? Why would anyone not like his love interest to know about his whereabouts? There has to be something that he is hiding from you.

5. Making Dates in Not So Popular Places

If you want to assure that you are not the other woman of his life, you ought to take a note of this one. Does he plan dates in not so popular places? Does he avoid going out with you to places where maximum of the town flock happens to visit? If he throws excuses when it comes to visiting certain places then it is time that you shake up and scrutinize what is going around.

6. Mr. Busy All the Time

It is agreeable that everyone of us are quite busy now-a-days seeing to our daily routine or work schedule but that does not mean that he needs to plan dates on weekends or only after office. Does he have too much of defences as soon as the topic of spending time together comes up? If so is the scenario, then find out why is it so. Is it because you are the other woman in his life?

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