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How To Tell Parents About Your Relationship

There comes a time when you face a major dilemma: how to tell your parents about the girl/boy you are dating. It is understandable as teens simply find it hard to disclose personal information about the dynamics of your relationship, especially when it’s about your own parents. Basically mothers are closer with her children, and usually they get a rough idea about what’s going on. How to Tell Your Parents You Are Dating? Is this the question revolving continuously in your mind? Well, let’s take a nice insight with a step-by-step approach.

How To Tell Parents About Your Relationship

  • Prepare a list about what they really need to know and till what depths they are required to be informed. Even take time, and think over the necessity, whether it is important to tell them, what benefits would arise from telling them, or are you bad at keeping secrets that you want to disclose this info. Whatever the reason is, calculate properly and then move forward.
  • Be mature and serious about it when discussing with your parents. Parents get very judgemental while hearing these kinds of stuffs as they are very much protective about your indulgence with any other person of opposite gender. Talking openly about your relationship highlights your maturity level and your capability to handle a relationship properly.
  • Prepare yourself heavily for all the shooting questions and there countered answers in the modest way possible. Everything may fall apart if you haven’t arranged yourself, leaving you look like a stupid fool. If you are a girl/boy, then “How to Tell Your Parents about Your Boyfriend/ How to Tell Parents about Girlfriend” is one of the most dreading questions to be framed and endured. With a bucket full of questions, don’t cave under any pressure. Unless, answer every question with confidence. Certain questions to be backfired are as follows:


  1. “How long have you been dating?”
  2. “What is his/her name?”
  3. “What class/year are they in?”
  4. “How/when you met him/her?”
  5. “How do you know them?”


  • Select a correct time period to communicate with your parents, either separately or together, as per your comfort. Be honest and don’t incline from your own words. Try to be alone with them, and try to avoid any arguments or heated shouting, as it can lead to a worst scenario. Go with a fresh mind, and watch out if your parents are in a good mood. If it helps, go out for a long walk, and disclose on the way.
  • Ask your parents about their views on teen dating and relationships, and grab a perception. This will help you to keep your cards on the table in a more assuring way, and you can prepare yourself accordingly. Be very clear about your feelings. Being a girl, when you think about How to Tell Parents about Boyfriend, it becomes more uneasy and intimidating. But who knows what will happen?!
  • Any Relationship Advice from your parents will give an outlook that you are keenly interested in their participation. Plan a formal introduction, or a dinner, or a quick flash of Facebook profile picture, as parents must know how the person you are dating looks like. Show them a decent one or the one where you two are graciously having fun.


Although it’s the scariest part, but telling your parents about the person you are dating can be very comforting and helpful. Look at the brighter side and March forward to accomplish that goal!

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