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How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage

Successful marriages are those that ends with the happily ever after phrase!


For a perfect marriage you need to fill and refill it with love, trust and respect, up to the brim. Marriages are happy affairs, but only when they are rich in love. Marriage decision needs to be taken cautiously, be sure of what you desire, what your partner desire and how you picture your life together. If you are a little confused ask you parents and friends, as their opinion also matters a lot. They have seen you together and can give you an honest advice. Dating should not be the reason for marriage, unconditional love should be! Marriages demand responsibility and trust while dating is a complete opposite of it. Marriage is lifelong promise of commitment and caring! You need to keep your promises to save your marriage otherwise you will ruin your life. So how you know you are ready for marriage? Read on for an answer.

How To Know You Are Ready For Marriage

10 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married


Stability in career

If you are stable in your career then its right time to think about starting a family. Stability in the career gives you financial security and also allows you to pay attention to your emotional needs. If you and your partner are at a secure position in your career and can manage a home together then it’s the most auspicious time to get married.


Future with your partner

If you picture the rest of your life with your partner then go ahead with a marriage proposal. Marriage is a decision that should always be decided upon the love and trust first and other factors should come into consideration later. Picture your life with your partner and talk about your career and family 10 or 20 years down the line.


Live together

Not just a few minutes or hours if you desire to grow old together, then marriage is a step you can take. You and your partner should share this feeling because if it’s just about a few hours then marriage is a big no for you. If you want to live together till death parts you then marriage is surely the next step for you.


Trust and love at its zenith

The two most common things in all the successful marriages are blind trust and mad love. Passionate love and immense trust can help you fulfill the marriage vows. Trust your partner in better or worse, stay together in sickness and in health. If your relationship is high on love and respect then fix your next meeting in a church, arrive like a prince and a princess and step on the stage to make the first kiss!


No insecurities

Nurture or pamper your relationship with so much love that there is no place for insecurity and jealousy. Marriage in such a relationship will only let love blossom between the couple. If you are still not sure about the other person then put the idea of marriage on hold because marriage is an institution of affection and devotion towards your partner!


When you think about us not me

If you involve your partner in every special or ordinary decision of yours, if your achievements seems smaller in your partner’s absence then it’s a sign of true love. It might not be wrong to say that friendship sparks love and marriages turn them eternal. If you don’t see yourself in a relationship and you always picture ‘us’ then you are ready to say “Yes I do”.


Complete acceptance

Marriages should take place between two people who completely accepts each other. You will lead a happy married life if you accept your partner with all his strengths and weaknesses. True love is amongst the two souls and it only refines you as a person. Your strengths shine brighter and your weaknesses start to shrink, that’s what marriage does.


Compromise for your partner

Want a happy married life you got to make some adjustments for your partner’s happiness. It’s not advised to completely surrender yourself and become a puppet, but a few small adjustments can strengthen your relationship. Sometimes a few kind gestures, surprises and compromises can make your marriage a perfect example for others. The spirit to do anything for your partner is the essence of a divine relationship.


Your partner is the center of your universe

If you can’t think about any other person and your partner is the center of your universe and same is the case with your partner then marriage can beautify your paradise of love. Our universe revolves around the people we love and to the core of it lives the people, we love the most. You are ready for marriage if your partner is the core of your universe and love is the force that attracts you towards each other.


When you have thousands of answers for – “why this person?”

Ask yourself this question and if you are flooded with thousands of answers and explanations then you are on the right track. If you find it difficult to get an answer then marriage is definitely a wrong decision. One of the most prominent signs you are ready for marriage is the answer to this question.

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