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How to Know If a Man Is Just Using You

Don’t let others words or actions harm your being, rather you must enjoy the life more and live up to your dreams. How to know if a Man is Just Using You is a very enduring question that disturbs you more often now. Ladies there might be a lot of fight going on in your mind, but, get hold of yourself and learn How to Tell If He likes you or Just Using You. We have structured a few signs which will help you understand his feelings about you.


If you are having a bad instinctive feeling about the man who is ruling your life, then it is time that you get assured about the relationship. Make sure to go through all the traits which will tell you How to Know If He is Using You, before everything starts to fall apart. “The road not taken was not taken for a reason”, so, make sure that you are on the right track where you should be. Before things start to become difficult for you, realise the situations and peep through the traits which will tell you How Do You Know if He is Using You.


How to Know If a Man Is Just Using You


Read on to see the signs and learn How to Know If a Guy is Just Using You or not.


You are the Credit Card

It’s good to spend time and money for the person you love, but what if he tries to use you for your kindness. Yes girls, it’s time that you start to notice whether he is using you for paying his bills, rents or for dinners you plan together. Every time it is you who is paying for food, electricity, gas or any other stuff he uses. Get a grab and stop right there, before he smashes your heart into pieces and you end up with nothing in hand.


No Clue for Affection

It’s important to express your fondness to each other if you wish to sustain an everlasting relationship. The question here arises what if one of the partners is using the other just for some selfish needs. Ladies if he is using you for any matter, there will be definitely no clue of any kind of affection for you. Notice the factor in your man, before all your world come crumbling down the aisle.


Pin Point you for Bad

If the Guy has no other work but to blame you for every happenstance in his life he is certainly not someone who is good for you. Is your man pinpointing on you, is he making you feel like a misfortune of his life. All you lassies out there, it’s a sure shot sign that he is surely using you for fulfilling his needs. Before his actions starts to shatter you make a move and stop yourself form getting used, you definitely deserve something much better.


Repeatedly Cancel Plans

Spending time together makes you feel very cheerful and you enjoy making further plans with him. But, there are instances that make you realise that he is repeatedly cancelling plans which you make to meet him. Ladies there might be a strong reason why he is trying to avoid you, so take it as a sign that he is only using you.  Before he ends up shattering your world, leave the person who tries to avoid you for some foolish excuses.


You are His Arm Candy

When it comes to your feelings or your emotions you never find him near you, he usually runs for the hill. He keeps you with him as an arm candy, just because you look stunning with him he stays with you. Take it as a sign that he is using you, start with a strong step and stop him, you deserve a lot better than this.


Certainly No Future Talks

You are beautiful, lean, gorgeous and confident lady who dream a lot about her relationship. He definitely knows how to sway you with his buttered talks and play with you around. But he never likes to have a talk with you about the future, both of you could enjoy together. This is a trait which will certainly help you understand his feelings about you whether he likes you or not.

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