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Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong

The most important element to keep a relationship strong is continuous nurturing and attention. Yes, it is not just your tummy or the plants in your garden which needs constant feeding, but also your love life. You might be irrevocably in love with your beloved significant other and your partner might know that very well. But this is not the only requirement or way to keep a relationship strong. It takes much more than that to keep the romance alive and to take your alliance to higher levels of respect and understanding.

However it is imperative to understand that after your relationship grows up to a certain level, flowers and fancy gifts are not the only ways to keep a relationship strong and healthy. It also requires a more mature behaviour and thinking on your part. It becomes essential to be considerate of your partner’s needs and opinions. Trust and understanding along with love and physical intimacy starts gaining importance. After all, for how long can you expect the wind to sail your boat!

Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong

The next section will guide you through the ways to have a healthy relationship which can last forever. These thoughtful guidelines and ways to have a healthy relationship can even be headed to if you do not have enough spare time.

Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong


  • Respect– It is the most essential ingredient to keep a relationship strong. A couple should respect each other in every aspect whether it is about opinions, values, beliefs or choices in life.
  • Maturity– By maturity we mean handling things in a very unbiased and wise way. After a certain point of time the childish attitude starts eroding the relationship.  Both the partners must start taking responsibilities of their actions and requirements. Planning things out and financial stability is also a must to avoid relationship problems.
  • Giving space– It is very crucial to respect your spouse’s individuality and freedom to keep relationship issues at bay. Hovering over or trying to control your spouse’s routine will not keep a relationship strong.
  • Trust– Trust factor can set many things right in a relationship. If you have faith in your partner, you will not question his or her moves. You will also take your beloved’s words on face value. But there is a thin line between trust and blind faith, which one must take care of. Remember, rationality should never be abandoned.
  • Love and romance– After a point in a relationship, the lovey- dovey chats and sweet gestures lose their place. This happens because the love has sunk in and priorities start changing. Try your best to keep the flame of passion and romance burning. Your love should be manifested every now and then to keep the relationship strong. Tell your mate how special he or she is, spend some time together, cook together, have a cosy bed time chit- chat or just make fun of each other.
  • Communication– It is one of the most essential ingredients to keep your relationship strong and healthy. By communication we mean talking about the irking issues, anything about your better half that is bothering you and sharing your feelings and highlights of the day. But when you are confronting or putting forth an argument then it should be upfront and honest and never be rude. Also if you are living apart you should stay in touch.
  • Intimacy– Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship. To keep a relationship strong you must ensure that things stay heated up. So every once in a while take out those black satin sheets and the scented candles. An occasional escape to a romantic destination will also do well for your alliance.
  • Compromise– Ego and arrogance should have no place in a relationship. We agree that your mom told you during your childhood that you should never give up and always stand tall. But that was not in the context of your love life. For keeping relationships strong you should sometime give in to your loved ones demands and be accepting to their opinions. Believe me no one has died of giving space to others choices and views!
  • Surprise Element– Surprising your partner with a gift or a positive change in you will help greatly in keeping relationship strong. How about picking that gadget on your way home and giving it to your spouse over dinner? Also for once clean up the house before your lovely partner comes home. It will be a delight to his/ her senses.
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