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How to Get Over Your Ex

If someone has dumped you it means that, that person is a dumb!


An intelligent person would not have done that, so get up and move on as it’s the best revenge!


Relationships are complicated when they lack similar passion and love from the other person. Love stories require commitment from both sides, if only one person is making efforts to make it happen, then it’s never going to blossom. If you think that getting over your girlfriend/boyfriend is not easy then you are mistaken. It does not seem possible, but it’s not impossible too! There are various things that can help you get over those bitter and painful memories of your ex. By indulging yourself in multiple activities, you can come out of it. Just believe in yourself! We all are strong enough to come out of adverse situations, only time differs. Some get over them quickly and some take long to gain that lost confidence. Don’t wait for the other person to declare that “it’s over”, you must know when to come out of a toxic relationship. If it’s not reflecting the love and respect you deserve then call it quits. You must never compromise on your self respect.


How to Get Over Your Ex


Here are a few ways to get over your ex.


1. Celebrate your Independence

You have just gained your independence, so go out to celebrate or throw a break-up party. It might sound inhumane to some, but that’s the way we live, we move on. Regain control of your life and associate with the beautiful people out there and do lots of exciting stuff.


2. Courses

Tired of finding an answer to your question on how to get over your ex? Join a recreational course. It has two advantages, one that you will learn a new skill and second you will not think about your ex. Go for swimming, learn to play the guitar or painting, dancing or any other activity that is challenging or interesting.


3. Be busy

Make sure that you are always occupied with some work. Go to your office, go for parties, shopping or accompany your friends. Never lock yourself in room and suffocate yourself with his/her memories. Go out, new people and opportunities are waiting for you!


4. Remove his gifts and belongings

Get rid of gifts and things that belongs to your ex. Give them to your friends or donate them if you don’t want to throw them into the dustbin. If you keep them they will remind you of your ex and all the bitter memories associated with him.


5. Be optimistic

Men and women drink after a break-up, and they are doing this for ages now! Stay away from that, they are dangerous for your health and cannot erase your pain, only you can! Do not blame yourself for the break-up it was not your fault. It was not in the cards for you. Tell yourself that it was just a mistake on your part and it was your ex’s luck that you came into his life.


6. Do what you like and what you don’t like

You must have done things you like a thousand times, but have you tried your hands on the things you are scared of? If no, then face the fear. Go on an adventure. Indulge yourself in the activities that gives you adrenaline rush. While doing these activities you will not think about your ex even for once.


7. Vacation

Go for a vacation. The world is beautiful and has lots of things worth loving and worth appreciating. Explore a completely new destination or head towards your favorite vacation spot for a long holiday.


8. Block him

One of the tried and tested solutions of how to get over your ex fast is to cut off from that person. Cut off all modes of interaction between you, be it phone or social interaction sites or common friends. If you will not get any updates about him for long you will automatically start forgetting him.


9. You are alive

Tell the world out there that you are alive and happy. Do not punish yourself. Take it as an opportunity to fall in love again. Have confidence in yourself and start by loving yourself. A breakup does not mean that your right to be happy has been curtailed. You can still laugh, enjoy and do whatever you feel like doing.


10. Say it out

Reward yourself with gifts and presents for being so kind and generous to an undeserving person. Just make the last call if you forgot to say the things you wish to in your last meeting. Call yell or say it nicely, you will definitely feel good. Yes you will!

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