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How To End A Toxic Relationship

All the relationships do not blossom in the oyster of love and trust. Some love stories are meant to be broken! Yes! That’s the truth, the bitter truth. If the heartbeat doesn’t fasten, if the eyes doesn’t sparkle, if the journey is beautiful without him/her then it’s not love! Break-ups are painful, but the fact is that you don’t get up one morning and decides to break up with your partner. It’s a gradual realization that you are not happy with that person and then you start thinking about ending it. You can avoid unbearable pain of separation with early realization of signs of having no future with your partner. Do not make decisions in hurry as they can cause you more pain and trouble. How to end a toxic relationship on a peaceful note requires you to be calm, be wise and communicate your decision peacefully.


How To End A Toxic Relationship


Lack fun, trust & laughs

When you do not enjoy your partners company that means something is wrong. Ending a toxic relationship is the right thing to do when you are confident about your decision. Fun and trust strengthens the bonding and are essence of a successful relationship. If they are lost, you must not exaggerate your relationship, but call it quits.


Take a firm decision

Don’t take decisions when angry or in bad mood. Give yourself some time and be sure about what you want. If break up is the only option that comes to your mind then go for it, but step ahead with a reason and don’t be cruel.


Do it yourself

You must convey your thoughts to your partner yourself. Involvement of friends can be insulting and humiliating. Your partner has every right to have the last chat with you, try to end your relationship on amicable terms.


Don’t do it publicly

Never end your relationships publicly. Be patient, go to a place where you and your partner have full privacy. Be courteous and gentle while breaking up with your partner. It’s better to have a chat in private where you can be honest and can save your relationship to become talk of the town.



There is no problem that can’t be solved by talking. To indulge in a conversation with your partner on this matter is not easy. Your partner might yell at you or might break into tears but you must not get carried away. Encourage the other person to speak his heart out and understand your feeling too.


Fights and Arguments

Fights and arguments are normal between couples, but excessive fights means a troubled paradise. Silly arguments, passionate reunions and love making are important for any relationship. If you are fighting too much, arguing too much on silly matters and your partner’s views are no more important to you, then letting go of toxic relationships is the best way out.


Right time and place

Thinking about how to leave a toxic relationship, most important thing is to decide right time and place for break up. It might sound absurd to some but it’s important. Do not talk about your break up immediately before any important day or event. This will ruin everything! By doing this you will sound and appear inhuman. Wait for the right time when both of you are in a peaceful state of mind.



Love is trust, friendship, liking and above all respect for your partner. One should never compromise on self respect. If the other person is not treating you respectfully don’t wait for the things to turn worse! Take the bold step of leaving a toxic relationship by saying the three magical words ‘it’s all over’. But you must not disrespect your partner maintain the difference between you and your partner.


Stay calm

No one knows when a conversation might turn polemic. Do not blame the other person that will be of no use. Just let go! If you will blame your partner and present yourself as the victim you are in deep trouble and will only add to the damages. Be honest and kind if you can, this might save atleast the friendship between you two.


Communication gap

If you and your partner has stopped hanging around and talking then you must think about your relationship. If you long for your freedom, or are happy in your friends company and want to be on your own that’s the right time to have a serious chat with your partner.

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