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How To Deal With an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy is irritating, but it develops where there is love!


Jealousy might be a means for her to attract your attention or have some fun with you. But this can also be a sign of dissatisfaction.

Girls are often accused of being overly jealous girlfriends. This jealousy has not aroused out of nothing, but it might have some serious or logical reason behind. Insecurity, jealousy are the signs of a troubled paradise. Jealousy adds fun and romance to your relationship along with seeds of suspicion. Don’t let jealousy create a void between you and your partner, which you can never fill with romance and love. Kindle the romance, regain the lost trust for a happily ever after story!

How To Deal With an Overly Jealous Girlfriend


Here Is How To Deal With A Jealous Girlfriend


Stop flirting with other woman

Sometimes boy’s courtesy exceed the limits and it’s then misunderstood by their girlfriends as flirting. Being sweet to other women is a quality that girls admire, but as said excess of anything is dangerous! Be gentle and kind with other women without being ignorant of your girlfriend. If you are giving too much attention to any other woman, then you are in deep trouble. So beware if your girlfriend is around!


Center of your universe

At parties, social gatherings or even on a drive back to home, you must not give her a sign that you are neglecting her. Not even for once! Make her believe that she, only she is the most interesting and beautiful creation of god in this universe, even when you think otherwise!


Involve her in your activities

Jealousy and insecurity occur when you are not spending quality time with your partner. This might lead to illogical arguments, thousands of questions and suspicion on your part. Don’t let this ruin your relationship. Spend quality time with your partner to know her better, accompany her to parties, shopping and be with her on important occasions. You can keep jealousy a thousand miles away just by spending time with her. Till the time your laugh, romance, flirt, concerns are exclusively for her, your relationship is perfect, but when for another girl it becomes the talk of the town.


Limit your conversation with other women

You might be having girls in your friend circle or office and you can’t stop interacting with them just because of a jealous girlfriend. You might be discussing about the project or meeting with your co-worker, but if your girlfriend could understand that you will not be reading this article, will you? Don’t worry you can handle this smartly. Avoid late night talks, don’t indulge in long conversations and most importantly avoid phone calls on a date specially a call by a girl.


Compliment more criticize less

Give your girlfriend infinite signs that she is the most beautiful person in your life. Give her compliments, bring her roses, treat her like a princess and love her madly. If you can do these things perfectly you can win her heart and apologies quickly! Giving compliments is the best, effective and sure shot way of dealing with a jealous girlfriend.


Work on your bonding

Jealousy is a sign that requires serious intervention otherwise it will spoil everything firstly your relationship and secondly your friendship. Jealousy is lack of trust. Work on your relationship and build trust. Trust can take your relationship to a long way, but its absence will turn every step painful.


Never lie

Lies are big no for any relationship. If you are hiding truth or telling half truth that too when you are not good at it, it’s highly recommended to discontinue! Removing conversations and lies about your activities can be disastrous for your relationship. Stay away from such things if you are genuinely in love with your girl.


Understand other person’s perspective

It is annoying to communicate the same thing, a thousand times to your girlfriend. If none of the above thing has worked in favor then it has only one meaning that your girlfriend is over sensitive or stressed about anything. Encourage her to talk about it so that you can come out of this rough phase. Be calm, patiently listen to her thoughts and tell her yours. Let jealousy bring in fun and romance not take them away!

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