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How To Date An Introvert Girl

Opposites attract! And when an extrovert boy falls for an introvert girl they make intense love that has passion, romance and trust at its zenith.


There has always been a misconception about the introverts, that they are not fun loving, adventurous, or passionate about anything.  Dating for introverts is considered out of their comfort zone, which is not true. Introverts are not boring they are good listeners, good observers and good looking too. They might be over sensitive or extra quiet but that is because they do not want to get hurt. An important quality of an introvert is that when they attach themselves with someone they are totally in love with them and don’t leave their side in thick and thin. They cannot easily handle heart breaks so they stay away in defense. Don’t be disheartened, just go through few things you need to know before dating the outgoing introvert.


How To Date An Introvert Girl


If you know an introvert girl and want to get close to her start with these steps to develop a strong bond with her and not scare her away. How to date an introvert girl requires a lot of patience.


Break the ice

Any article or expert advises on how to date an introverted girl will advise you to break the ice, by approaching her. An introvert will never approach you no matter how deeply she is in love with you. It’s rather you who must go to her and start a conversation. Don’t expect a quick union because she might show disinterest initially even if she is equally interested.


Start with a friendship

Introverts take time to mingle with others and come out of their shell. Do not expect too much too soon! Give her time and start with a friendship. Tell her about yourself, try to know her better and build a strong friendship. If she has shared any secrets with you, it’s a sign that she trusts you. Let time arouse passionate feelings in her, for you.


Complete Acceptance

Introverts are often accused of not attending parties, dance on loud music, and wear fancy clothes and staying away from lots of exciting stuff. Introverts hate this, you must keep in mind that every person is different, having varied likes and dislikes. If you have fallen for an introvert girl, you must respect her choices even if they are boring or old fashioned.


Body Language 

Try to analyze her body language. They express a lot through body language and facial expressions. If an introvert girl is not interested in you she will maintain a distance from you. If she likes you she will hold your arm in stress, or comes running towards you to hug you or will not mind you standing really close to her. An introvert will take long to come in physical contact with anyone. If she has allowed you to touch her or hold her hand that means she has feelings for you.


Make her feel special

Make yourself available to her always. An introvert girl will never ask you to stop for her or stay by her side. You should understand the situation, read her mind without letting her speak. Make her feel special do special things for her, make her laugh, bring gifts, or spend time with her. You can take her for a walk as they are romantic, quiet and always works.


Give space

Even if you have developed a great friendship with an introvert girl that does not mean that she wishes to be with you all the time. She still might want some ‘me time’ for her. You must not force your company on her as it will be suffocating. At times of fight or work pressure, just convey that you are next to her always, but you must slip away at the right time.



Fantastic dating tips for dating an introvert will not end without the most important element that makes or breaks any relationship. Flirting is fun and interesting it can only add romance to your relationship. After becoming friends with her you need to find out the signs of liking and get into her comfort zone. You can break the ice by flirting. Romantic talks, passionate touch and intense moments can become memorable for you, but be gentle and don’t cross the line.


Give compliments

Introvert or extrovert, every woman likes to hear compliments from her boyfriend. Pay attention to her clothes, hairstyle, smile or anything you like about her. Accompany her in the things she likes to do. Listen to her peacefully this will boost her confidence and also make her realize that she has equal say in important matters. By doing this you will make her fall for you even harder.


Signs other than friendship

Tips for dating an introvert girl require you to be sensitive, patient and caring. If the girl longs for you or is worried about you then it’s a sign that she has feelings for you. If she questions about your late arrival, or is too much disturbed even at a smallest injury, it means that she is falling in love with you.


Wait for the right time

There will be a moment when you will realize that both of you are crazy about each other and that is the right time to ask her for the first date. Take her out, to a place where both of you are all alone and nobody is there to disturb you. You can go to a beach, boat ride or a candle light dinner at your place or hers, where you can talk all night and get cozy too.

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