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How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Calling it quits can be really tough, especially if you had a wonderful time together. But if you are not feeling spark and vigour in your relationship any longer, then how to break-up with your boyfriend must be the first thought on your list. Yes, it can be painful to end up the bond that you two shared so beautifully. Well, in this case you must realise that you cannot force yourself and the other person to be in love forever. Some things are best short lived, if they run out of emotions. Instead of stepping back selfishly you should know the reasons to break-up with your boyfriend and understand that it’s not that easy on heart, but necessary to live freely and happily.

You can’t carry your relationship anymore as there are many differences between you two. Then again you are not kind of rude person who can directly go and say things to him as you just want a fine break up with no grievances to both the sides.  When you are sure to end the love relationship with your boyfriend but you don’t want to lose your friend in him, and most importantly don’t want to spoil the past memories.

Now, at this moment if you know the tips on how to break-up with your boyfriend, you can pass this stage of embarrassment smoothly as you can burn the fire out more amicably. You will neither let him down, nor would you like it to be a horrible moment for you two. In such situation, right ways to breakup with your boyfriend can help you make the right decision and turn this tricky affair into a liberating one.

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

So, if you don’t feel it anymore, no need to drag your love relations unnecessarily. Be confident to confront and clear out things with our Most Effective 8 Tips on How to Breakup with your Boyfriend and avoid those expected resentments between you two.

8 Tips On How To Breakup With Your Boyfriend


  • Think twice- Think about almost everything, what he can say, will he take it so easy and what if he asks to change decision or implores one more chance for the sake of love. Be prepared for everything and think about all the pros and cons you are going to see after the breakup. Stick to your decision and get your answer prepared for everything he can say to you.
  • Don’t do on phone or mails- There are many things which must be cleared when you are breaking up the closest relation of your life. Find out a comfortable place and time to sit together and discuss all the issues.  Chose place where both of you are comfortable and can talk for long to end up things completely. It does not matter what your final decision is, but calling off your relationship on phone or mails shows that you never respected the bond and your partner as well.
  • Confide- You are actually ending all the things and this is the time to say everything and share every single feeling or pain you were going through with. Make it clear to him as well that it is must to say all the good or bad things today and make your friendship strong by ending the love relation.
  • Be honest and tell the reason- Whatever the reason is either it’s your interest which is making you to take this big decision or is him. He deserves the truth from you and you have to say it to safe yourself from the guilt as well or it may possible that the reason of break-up is your misunderstanding or anything like that. So be faithful to him and let him know whatever you are thinking and going through with.
  • Express that you two aren’t happy- Breaking up with your boyfriend isn’t a small thing, you need to express what all is making you live apart. If you are feeling sad or unhappy in your relationship, it’s for sure that your partner is not happy either. Make him realise that you two can stay happier by being friends and not by dragging your relationship unwillingly.
  • Listen to him- After confiding all your feelings, give him chance to say things to you. Listen to him and ask him what he feels about it and does he agrees with the things you said. You both have been in love relationship and he deserves to give his opinion on your decision.
  • Hold your ground- When you have taken a decision and discussed it with your friend as well. Then you must stay on your decisions and never go back to your relationship again. Just be strict to yourself and live life on your own only.
  • Don’t leave any hope- You are not breaking-off for fun or any kind of amusement. Make sure that you don’t leave your boyfriend in any hopes of coming back. It would be destiny if you decide to be together in future, but for now give him space and tell him that you are happy in staying apart. Learn to be happy in your new life after break-up.
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