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Things To Know About Courtship

Courtship is that sweet period of time between the couples which they enjoy before their wedding. What is courtship is big question to youngsters these days because of much foster culture of dating and romance all around. In today’s world of new technology, the new generation has lost their patience and sweetness of relationships and love. It is must to teach the new generation and youngster what is courtship and what does it mean to be in a relationship which last for years and years till the life end.

What is courtship? Is not question rather it is subject which need to be taught to couples who are in love. It is time spend by couples before their marriage but after the approval from their families. Courtship is so pure and test of patience and true love by the couples through chastity, purity and accountability, responsibility and respect to families and society.

Things To Know About Courtship

Courtship is not a relation between two people only, but a bonding of two families who are going to be one after the marriage of their beloved son and daughter. What is courtship can be best defined by the following points.

Importance of Courtship Period in One’s Life

  • Chastity

Young people are so curious about everything around and impure images, movies and society. This culture has put lot of dust on the notion of chastity and it seems that couple shave forget the meaning of purity and chastity in their relationship.

Leaving physical intimacy behind true love and giving respect to your partner by showing your control on alacrity is what chastity all about.  Chastity asks the couples to get away from sinful activities and wait till your marriage to get physically close.

  • Purity

Purity is not about upholding chastity and being controlled under “the line”. Purity is about all the feelings and getting into the right path of relationship. Taking your partner to the world of love where there is no space of selfishness and use of each other. Hate is not the antonym of love but selfishness is. Love is feeling of giving and nurturing yourself with your partner through care and trust for life time and on the other hand, selfishness is all about enjoying with each other without future intentions.The couples who actually know the answer of what is courtship, knows and understand the word purity and enjoy their passionate marriage and reap the feelings of joy, enthusiasm and craze for each other.

  • Accountability

Liability makes and individual more mature and capable of doing things. Courtship is not lonely procedure of being together and getting married as per your comfort. Perhaps, it includes two families who are monitoring and taking care of every act of the couple. Couples are accountable to the questions of families and have to follow the rules and regulations of them which make the relation of courtship respectful.

  • Responsibility

Courtship tends to give a sense of responsibility of carrying a relationship. You are not married to the person but you have been tagged as his/her boyfriend or girlfriend. It is kind of identity which is very gratifying when you are in true love. Every action and activities taken by you are connected by the other person.  The sense of responsibility makes an individual more reliable and responsible person in life.

  • Family Centered

Courtship is about taking a critical decision of your life with the help of your family. Our family knows us very well and help to identify the person whom we can spend our life happily. Courtship is much family centered and gets the guaranty of happy marriage with the right person by you as well as your family.

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