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Common Relationship Problems

A romantic sweet smiling couple who does not have any issues and problem in their relationship is just a myth these days. There are some quite common relationship problems which are faced by every couple now and then. Sometimes, it is because of different views and choices but other time it’s just circumstances which don’t let the couple happy and raised issues. Some of the issues tend to be right at time and get solved easily but others are deeply buried and seldom talked about. A deep rumination is needed for such issue and must be solved before they ruin the sweetness and purity in love.

To avoid the feeling of unrequited love and take your relationship to the next level, one has to deal very firmly with common relationship problems. The quandary situation makes every relation to go ups and down now and then but only deep love can help the couples to deal with it. Every common relationship problems have their solutions with them, it’s just couples need to have some patience and know the ways to handle those problems.

Common Relationship Problems

Though every relationship has its kind of bonding but still there are 7 common relationship problems that tend to detract romance from love relations. Valentine carnival has sum up the relationship problems and tips for how to fix relationship problems for a smooth and loving relationship.

Relationship Common Problems

  • Lack of communication – This is one of the biggest and common relationship problems even with most loving couples. We talk a lot and take care of every bit of each other in the start of relationship but as the time passes we start losing interest in each other and stop asking the same questions and showing care and love to each other. There should be continuous process of sharing and talking your daily routine with each other.
  • Trust – The reason behind most of the fights and arguments are lacking of trust to each other. If you can tolerate your partner going out for dinner with someone else, you don’t trust him or her. If you think twice and can’t go with your partner’s decision for you then you don’t trust him or her with your life. Some says it is being practical in relationship but they forget that there is no space for practical thinking in love life.
  • Earning – if both of you are not earning well like your friends than both of you may feel depressed and frustrated and this frustration only comes out on your partner not anyone else in the world. This is one problem which most of the couples don’t accept but it is there money does matter and makes a huge difference in their ups and down in life.
  • Quality time – Time is the biggest gift you can gift to your love partner and solve many of the common relationship problems.  We don’t realize it but spending time while watching T.V or in group of friends is not a quality time and counted for your relationship. As the time passes in relationship and changes in priorities of life, we forget about our real happiness and true love. And soon we start frustrating with our partner have problems with their every demands and needs. Before reaching that stage one must give complete time to their love partner and value them.
  • Jealousy and insecurity – Jealousy and insecurity also come in the deep love relationships. When your partner is loved by others, you don’t feel good and get jealous of his popularity and betterment of his/her personality. The other problem which creates differences between couples is insecurity and lack of trust on your love partner. One must have faith in love and on their partner.
  • Different priorities – As the time changes, priorities changes and one thing remain same and that’s your relationship. Sooner or later, you realize that there is need of change in relationship and you try to mold it as per you terms and conditions. You may face lots of changes in your partner’s preferences and priorities and it may hurt you and keep you apart from each other. And soon enough, both of you may have nothing in common. Spend enough time with each other and try to evolve together in a similar direction. Give your partner enough time to understand you and have the same priorities and objectives in life.
  • Incompatibility in love – Falling in love with someone is very easy but dealing with it for long time is tough. We get fall for opposite gender very soon and take our infatuation and attraction as love but after realizing the incompatibility we tend to face common relationship problems that is irritation and anger with each other.  At that particular time, it’s better to move forward or find some interest to strengthen the bonding.
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