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Common Relationship Mistakes Women Make

We grew-up reading those fairy-tales of love with those perfect couples, and yes, we fancy everything since our childhood for a perfect world with the only one. But reality is totally different. We need to come out of that fairy-love world and face the reality. There are some very common mistakes women make and get some outcomes that they never ever expect. So, like always, we – the cupid’s little helpers give you some secretive relationship advices for women and you can easily solve your relationship problems.

Often a single mistake of a partner can make your relationship weak. Women are sensitive to other people’s needs. They give their cent per cent in a love, they don’t even think about the mistakes they are making on the way of doing it.  We know that no one is perfect and people in love are more vulnerable to make mistakes. There are some very Common Relationship Mistakes that Women Make being in a relationship. Though these mistakes are not intentional or they themselves aren’t aware of the mistakes they are making but they may result in distancing them from their partner. Sometimes, Men hesitate to express their feelings to their partner and they react differently than women. So, know about the common mistakes you do and try to solve it at your end only.

Common Relationship Mistakes Women Make

7 Common Relationship Mistakes Women Should Avoid


1.  Being Miss Jealous All The Time-

It’s natural, if your man is looking at some girl on the other side; the very first thought which comes to your mind he’s CHEATING. Ladies, it’s not called cheating, you are just being insecure. You need to think rational and behave like one. Take it this way; if he wants to cheat he’ll not do it in front of you.

2. Not Appreciating For His Efforts-

He’s trying to please you every now and then, making your every moment special. Not appreciating him would be your biggest mistake. If you acknowledge and appreciate the things he does for you, the more he’ll try to impress you or please you.

3. Trying To Change Him-

You loved him for what he was and now you are trying to change him for better. He might change for you but he’ll not be the same person you fell in love with. This common relationship mistake is done by every woman out there. Before it gets worse, try not to change the qualities which made you fall in love with him.

4. Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill-

Solving a problem there and then would be a good relationship sign, BUT if the grudge is still there and you bring it every time; Not a GOOD Sign. You should not keep on digging your past and bring them in your current conversation. This problem is very common in couples and they don’t try to solve it rather they let the issue ruin their relationship.

5. Being a Clingy Girlfriend-

You are the possessive one in your relationship and you want all the attention from him. It’s OK sometimes, but this could cause problem in near future. If you are being too clingy then diversify your cause of being clingy by joining your hobby class and doing something creative which will make you happy.

6. Playing ‘ME First’ Game-

There are times when he discusses his problems with you and you don’t pay any heed to it, rather you put forth yours. This could hurt his feelings and make him believe that you don’t care for him. So, avoid such mistake which could hamper your love life. Try and listen to his thoughts and problems which he shares only with you.

7. Asking For Commitments-

Nobody knows about what will happen in the future, then why to bother about the future of your relationship. You should keep your present happy and stop bothering about the future. Spend the quality time with your partner and avoid such relationship problems.

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