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Cheating in a Relationship

Cheating in a Relationship has been prevalent in the society since time immemorial but the tragedy lies in the fact that it has become more frequent in the present generation. This simply highlights that how ineptly we value our partner’s feelings and sentiments. With the rise in incidents of Cheating in Relationships, it is also crystal clear that humans are becoming barbaric in the name of modernization, free thinking and leading an advanced life style. Moreover when it is a matter of extramarital affair, it is not at all justifiable. There is no harm in living life according to one’s wish but that does not give anyone the right to cheat their spouses and ruin their trust in marriage.

Those who find out their partner’s infidelity and disloyalty, often look upon the experience as devastating and considers it as a signal to end the marriage. And even if it continues they fail to share their previous chemistry and charm. Despite knowing the bitter truth that Cheating in a Relationship is the symptom of an unhappy marriage, many of us very conveniently opt for the risk rather solving out practically. Moreover majority of the time when individuals cheat, they hide it from their partners until the time they are caught red handed.

Cheating in a Relationship

Here we have mentioned certain signs that speak loud about Cheating in Relationship.

Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

  • Perfume odour or lipstick smudges: If you find out that your partner’s shirt or top smells of an unfamiliar scent, it means something is fishy. Also lipstick smudges on your hubby’s hanky or shirt is a matter to be enquired out.
  • Sudden privacy over emails/messages: You need to wake up and smell the coffee if your spouse suddenly starts hiding his/her emails/messages from you. Not sharing the password can also shows that he/she does not trust you much.
  • Hike in usual phone bill: Shake yourself up a bit when your usual phone bill starts soaring. It is not always necessary that a hike in your bill is a matter of tension but it is advisable to check out the source of extra calls made.
  • Strange behaviours: When you find out that your partner is trying to cover up things or maintaining a distance from you, you should not delay in clearing out things. Put aside your ego and ask him/her if something is bothering him/her. Changing the computer screen or changing the app suddenly when you walk into his/her room also means that he/she was up to something.
  • Hiding bills and credit card statements: If everything is fine between both of you then why should he/she hide his/her bills and credit card statements? It means that he/she wants to secrete something from you since your knowledge about it will take an ugly turn.
  • Engaging in frequent business travels: Frequenting business trips is not an offence but when it takes place without the sight of a nearing promotion or an appraisal become a matter to be pondered upon. Moreover things need to be ruminated over if your husband/wife fails to give you a satisfying explanation.
  • Skipping work without your knowledge: It is very imperative to find out why your spouse lied to your about his/her presence in his/her office while the truth is that particular day he/she took an off. No! Something is suspicious for sure.
  • Avoids discussing future plans with you: When you find out that your partner is not only maintaining emotional distance with you but is also avoiding discussions on future plans, it is  a clear sign that everything is not well between both of you. You need to know why.
  • Making calls from odd locations: Your car garage or the backyard of your house is no place for making phone calls when you already have a beautiful house. And the time to worry starts when your partner prefers such odd locations frequently.
  • Feeling of being cheated: If you suddenly start feeling that your partner is cheating on you, take the matter seriously and talk it out maturely with him/her. Clear it out why you feel so.
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