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Arranged Marriage Dating Tips

It’s not important to be a man’s girlfriend; you can skip the phase and be his wife!


Marriages made in heaven or on earth both needs to be nurtured with trust, love and respect. If you believe that arrange marriages are not at all fun or romantic you must reconsider your thought. There are many couples who fell in love after getting hitched. You start laughing louder, you start living better and the world around you appears absolutely beautiful. Arrange marriages too are very romantic and lasts long. If you are planning to tie knot with a girl/ boy of your parent’s choice, don’t be pessimistic about them. Go on to meet them with an optimistic approach and who knows you might end up walking down the aisle with him or her. Make your first meeting memorable for yourself and the other person as well. Present the real you, speak your mind, be patient and try to know the other person.

Arranged Marriage Dating Tips


Tips for Arranged Marriage First Date


Be well dressed

You are going to meet a very special person, who might become your life partner, so be well dressed. Dress to impress and leave a mark on his or her heart! Don’t be too formal or too casual as it will ruin everything. Your dressing should reflect your personality. Dress smart and talk honestly and you will surely leave an irresistible impression on the other person.


Talk about career plans

Talk about your partner’s career plans. Have a serious conversation about how they picture their life 10 years from now or whether they are planning to move to another country or pursue another job.  This will give you a better idea about what to expect from the other person. Tell them about your career plans and decide whether both of you can make adjustments accordingly and stand next to each other through thick and thin.


Expectations from Marriage

What to ask in arranged marriage meeting definitely include questions regarding their marriage expectations. Ask them about how their dream wife or husband should be like. What they think about the duties and responsibilities of a wife or husband. By asking such questions you will be able to figure out the other persons thinking and expectations.


Clam down

Going for first meeting in arranged marriage, don’t be nervous just go there, speak your mind and leave the rest on destiny. If it’s in cards for you it will take place when the time is right otherwise you can make a new friend out of that meeting. Talk sense, stay away from asking absurd questions. Talk like a gentleman or a beauty with brain! Your first meeting will decide whether you are meeting next or not.


Make it a memorable meeting

Try to turn your first meeting in arranged marriage into a memorable meeting. Do not talk about their past or some stupid and very serious thing. Don’t approach the other person with your list of conditions; this will make you look like a businessman who arrived to sign a business deal! Give him/her a warm welcome and treat them nicely.



Your lifestyle is your way of living, and it includes everything. Your dressing, religion, opinions, in short the way you lead your life is your lifestyle. Arranged marriage first meeting questions, usually involve questions related to each other’s lifestyle. Talk to them about their likes or dislikes. You can talk about their dressing style or what they like to eat or may be about their dream home. You can also ask them questions about whether they would be able to adjust with a person with completely opposite lifestyle.



Make your conversation interesting and fun by talking about your and their hobbies. Share some fun incidents or moments with them. It’s very important to have a chat with your future partner as it will tell you about whether you enjoy their company or not. If after the meeting you long for him/her that means you had a great time and are ready for another meeting. Remember a great start will lead to a great journey ahead!

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