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Are You In The Right Relationship

Sometimes new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. So why not take precautions before it’s too late. Give your relationship a reality check- Ask yourself what a “right relationship” should provide for the people in it?” what do you mean by being in a right relationship? And you will get the answer. There are some very common things that we all need and give being in a relationship. But sometimes in the cold light of the day we find ourselves completely drained, exhausted and depressed. Your relationship can be the reason for it and the problem is that we are not able to spot out the wrong in it. Here we give some Ways to Know You Are in the Right Relationship or not.

Relationships are meant to mend all that is broken and put things together to take out the best in you. However, some relationships are just the opposite of it and serve the purpose of a custodial. They make you weak, tormented, impulsive and leave you shattered. Before you end up getting into a complete melancholy just take a look at some signs to know you are in the right relationship and the corresponding tips that could potentially help you to make a decision to stay or to leave the relationship.

Are You In The Right Relationship

Ways to Know You Are In the Right Relationship


Is your relationship making you something that you are not or taking out that cheerfulness away from you then please go through the ways to know your relationship and know if you are dating the right one.

1. You see the world in him/her

Recall the time you spend with each other and feel what your heart says to you. When you are with them nothing else matter, you forget everything and see nothing just the person. You feel loved and cared the most in their presence. You cannot resist them and they are your only world. .

2. You fight fair and you get over it

Fights can be relationship deal breaker or can be the reason to strengthen the relationships. You can see couples in strongest of relationships, fight with each other. However, agreeing on every single thing is not ideal either. It’s in fine fettle to fight, as long as fights don’t spiral into something more. Keep a check that these fights won’t turn into violence or words that hurt the other severely.

3. Your best of values are being honoured

To be the happy one your values and your talents need to sync within your relationship. If your relationship turn you depressed and fed up or doesn’t appreciate your best of qualities then possibly you are dealing with a wrong person in your life. If you are in a relationship where you are at your best then that relationship is worth staying.

4. You’re happy more than you’re sad or angry

We bond with people to make our own world full of happiness. We can do anything for the one we love no matter what it takes. We find our happiness in their happiness. We are ready to make sacrifices. Make sure your relationship is giving you both the same not something else. When you are with him or her you must feel like the part of each other’s life that cannot go alone.

5. You come close to connect to each other

You two touch each other to make the other one feel that how much you love and care. And you just don’t come in contact to solve the only selfish sole purpose. You can feel the need of their hand and their warm hug. A single touch of a person can also say a lot more things about the relationship status quo.

6. You’re both changing and its okay

Everything changes and people matures and relationship grows older and stronger as life passes. You can feel the change in your relationship status, as time passes by accompanied by changes. However, we take things for granted and its human nature, it doesn’t mean that love isn’t there. You just need to know whether you both can still be the reason for each other’s happiness or not, whether you still fight and mend things along.

7. You don’t Snoop

Check whether you don’t hide anything more significant than a surprise party. You don’t feel like snooping him or her out every time he/she talks to someone on the phone or go out. Make sure being in a relationship you both understand each other and trust the one you love.

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