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9 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through

A relationship has many different stages in different parts of life and there are 9 relationship stages that all couples go through with.  The stages are quite predictable and they grow with and develop with the time in relationship. 9 relationship stages that all couple goes through with have different aspects of life in which they start with infatuation to attraction and love then to marriage and commitment. Every couple has been through with the all these 9 stages of relationship which makes their relationship more strong and strengthen it with ups and downs of life.

9 relationship stages that all couples go through are actually a way to gauge their love and true feelings by clearing up all the obstacles of relationship in every single stage.  A couple can be said as perfect and made for each other after been through with all the 9 relationship stages.  Find out the 9 stages of relationship below and look for your own stage of love.

Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through

9 Stages Of Relationship All Couples Go Through


  • Infatuation stage- From the 9 relationship stages that all couples go through with; this is the first one and every couple goes from this stage. This is the stage in which every couple fall for each other for physical attraction.  At this stage both the partners have just started to feel something special for each other. Infatuation is sure to be there in every relationship as the starting phase of it.
  • Knowing Stage- After getting infatuated to each other, the second stage of relationship is knowing stage in which both the partners starts to know each other.  In this stage partner know about each other from their likings to their interest and fascinations in life. Partners talk about each other’s family and exes, like and dislikes.
  • Stage of disturbances- This stage has no particular time and situations. It is when, you are both are close to each other but have disturbances on every small issues. 9 relationship stages that all couples go through includes this one also in which there are arguments and  conflicts on one or other thing.
  • Create expectations-At this stage of relationship, partners starts to make opinion on each other and creates expectations and assumptions about each other. When these opinions and expectations about your partner differ now and then in real life, it can either leave you ecstatic or depressed.
  • The Moulding Stage- This is actually a stage of love when both the partners has urge to change themselves for their partners. This stage is mutually played by partners and both put their wishes and desires to their partner to change habits and behavior in life.  This stage is actually a testing stage of relationship.
  • Happy Stage- This stage comes to only limited couples. As the last stage from this was molding stage in which couple has to change themselves for their partners and if they have crossed that stage then only they can get this happy stage from the list of 9 stages that all couples go through with. After molding themselves for their partner the happy stage comes where they are really happy to have each other in their life.
  • The Stage of Doubts– The stage of doubts is sure to come after the happiness in relationship. As you both starts to get close to each other more and more then there comes expectations and breaking of expectations. When your partner fails to commit even the single wish of yours, than its human tendency to think about past relationships and starts comparison with other couples or your ex partners which brings doubt and arguments in relationship. The stage of doubt is really hard and painful stage of relationship.
  • Stage of complete trust-  After the two horrible stages of disturbance and fights, couples who survive with their relationship is just because of this stage. The stage of trust when you both get all the negativity in relationship but still have trust of love on each other, that can save your relation. In relationship, trust can be put as a synonym of love which has strength to clear up all the stages and bring two lovers close to each other in any situation and condition.
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