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7 Reasons Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark

We no longer live in a generation when couples used to bother to fix their marriages and relationships instead of throwing it away. Today, divorce has become a dominating term for most of us as we tend to get easily swept away by the hustle and bustle of contemporary lifestyle. Very conveniently we take our relations for granted and forget to note How to Keep the Spark in our Relationships. According to Relationship Advices and experts, it is imperative to keep Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship, irrespective of time spent under the same roof.

The thrilling moments that you tend to ride on during the initial phase of your relationship should not be allowed to be submerged by the waves of numbness. You should always continue doing Things to Spark Your Relationship. But most of all, you should be in a position to comprehend the actions that will create a wedge in your bonding. The state of emotional as well as physical closeness plays a vital role in any relationship and this need to be maintained in order to avoid the monotony that very easily creeps into a bond after few years of togetherness. For better understanding of yours, we present here the 7 Reasons Yours Relationship Has Lost Its Spark.


7 Reasons Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark


Get along with the 7 Reasons Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark and prevent your relation from falling apart.


1. Honesty – No Importance

Honesty is the basic ingredient that binds two to form a beautiful and everlasting bonding but tension arises as soon as it starts fading away. Activities such as getting attracted to someone else, hiding the reality, or any pretentious act are sure symptoms of lacking interest in your current partner. It means you are bored with your spouse and as a result of which you are taking steps out of your wedlock for amusements.


2. You Have Stopped Growing

Though, for many of our contemporary flocks, sticking true and loving to one person might seem impossible but the truth is, a marriage will be happily ever after if both of you don’t stop learning and growing. In doing so, there won’t be a moment that you two will have enough of each other as it will lead your bonding from better to best. You should know how to recreate the “new you” all of the time to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship.


3. Not Sharing Activities

Taking each other for granted is a major defect that is responsible for destroying so many of the “now-a-days” weddings. No matter how occupied you are, you should never let go the zest you had for adventure and trying new things, when you two were new. It was due to that keenness that today you are in a relationship, so don’t stop doing it again and again to keep moving as happy couples.


4. No Tolerance

The saying, “a couple shouldn’t shout at each other until their house is on fire” is a true fact of adding more love and affection into a bond. When we start living with someone for a long period, we generally calculate the negative attributes and easily form a case against them. A point comes when the negativity cocoons the relation and things become intolerable. We throw tantrums for silly issues and become red with anger without any reason. This is very wrong!


5. Letting Loose Of Yourself

As time passes we slip into our comfort zone and stop bothering about how we look, how we present things and the way we shower our affection. This is the beginning of a monotonous bonding. Next, we act without regards and hurt our partners.  We no longer think about their interest, happiness and likings. This laid-back attitude wets the crispness between you two and things starts rocking.


6. No Reference of “We”

If you have already stopped including your spouse as part of your plans and address as “I” and “he/she” instead of “we”, mind it, everything is not fine between you two. No longer you feel connected with your partner and thus the statements. A little space is required in all bonding for healthy growth but too much of it will also tear the relation apart.


7. No Intimacy

No matter how old you grow into the relation, getting attracted to one another is a positive sign of a healthy bonding. Even after the fights and the ugly arguments, you should love like never before. Moreover, simple gestures such as a hug, a kiss on the forehead, holding hands while walking, cuddling while watching TV etc are ways of showing that you still care for her/him.

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