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7 Lies Your Wife Might Be Telling You

You adore her and she is your little angel, that is completely fine but what you should by now realise, are the Lies Your Wife Might Be Telling You. All women lie in certain given situations and your honey is no omission in this regards. It is not that only men are prone to telling lies, even women do. The Lies Your Wife Tells You might not be intentional. Might be it is to avoid conflicts or to prevent misunderstandings, but the truth is lies have always been welcomed into our relationships and lives.

According to studies and Relationship Tips, a female face is like an open book where their emotions can easily be read. Even then men need to be warned! White lies seem no great deal to women when situation arises to defend her motives or simply not to hurt your sentiments. Infidelity might not be the case always, at times Your Wife Might Tell a Lie just to let go an embarrassing state. So this write up will guide you with How to Tell Your Wife Is Lying and events leading up to those lies.

7 Lies Your Wife Might Be Telling You

Here is our little help for you to figure out the 7 Lies Your Wife Might Be Telling You.

Some White Lies Your Wife Might Be Telling You

1. Admitting Her Mistake

When you two are arguing on something and suddenly she concludes everything by saying that it was her mistake and she is sorry about it, means it was not okay with her and she was not the one to be blamed. For the time being, might be she had said so just to avoid the conflict or to stop the blame game but you should be ready to receive a blow for it, sooner or later.

2. She Wants No Change in You

Ladies have a habit of very conveniently saying, “I like you the way you are. You are the best for me”. Whereas, to be honest, she has a few things that she wants you to change. Might be she wants you to change your job or lose a few pounds. But instead of voicing her thoughts she prefers to keep her mouth shut only to maintain peace in the relationship.

3. No Issue with Your Buddies

Your darling might have praised your friends and their company maximum of the time but have you once tried to figure out the truth? It is you who know them since childhood or from your college days, not she. Then why would she appreciate their presence always. Yes, it is true, she should have told you but what if that would have hurt you?

4. Swearing Not To Get Angry

Whenever they ask you to share your thoughts assuring she won’t be mad at you, don’t trust the completely. If you think that the things you are going to discuss with her will turn her red with anger, then you better be prepared to be blown out. Her assurance to keep calm will soon vanish into thin air and you will be hot pan.

5. It Was on Sale

Shopping is something that all women admire. The day she returns home with a very fancy piece know that she has equally paid to grab it. But just to defend her from being blown up by you for been so extravagant, she might simple choose to tell you that she got on sale.

6. Not being jealous

No matter how hard she tries to look least bordered and unruffled, but the fact remains that no woman loves it when her man stares at the hot chick near him. Obviously she won’t like the fact that her man’s attention has diverted somewhere else when she is sitting right in front of him. The cool drop and “I am not jealous” attitude is just to cover up the vulnerability.

7. About Her Ex Affairs

When it comes to her ex it will definitely try to lie. Whether it is the number of guys she had a relationship or what made them breakup, she will never offer you the exact story. The phase “that one didn’t count” is common among women only to secretly mean that even that one accounts for beautiful memory.

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