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Ways to Celebrate Rose Day

Roses are the symbol of love, purity, perfection, affection and prettiness. Its beauty and majesty can move any heart to wonder and ponder over. That is why we start and welcome the most awaited V-day week while celebrating the seamless sheer beauty and grandeur of Rose on the Rose day. It is perfectly nurtured by the nature to define the feelings you carry in your heart for your beloved.  That is the reason Why We Celebrate Rose Day and shares the deepest emotions and feelings of our heart.

What we cannot express with words a rose can does in a very simple way. Its colour, its charm and its lure call the spirits of love and affection. Offering a rose on a rose day to someone, can be a moment to remember of one’s life. Make sure you carry that rose when you know the meaning behind it, before offering this token of love to your beloved. This is the right time and occasion that comes once in a year to Celebrate Rose Day 2014, a day to express love and affection to our near and dear ones.

Ways to Celebrate Rose Day

Every year, February 7 is distinguished as Rose Day which also marks the commencement ofValentine’s Week. Let’s know the most romantic ways and unique ideas to celebrate Rose Day 2014.

Ways to celebrate Rose Day 2014


  • Take the safer side

Make sure he/she isn’t allergic to flowers and fragrances, because that can make the rose day an annoying one for your beloved and you. You can gift him/her an artificial flowers bouquet that are easily available in the market and looks much alive like real ones.

  • Begin their day with roses

You can plan a surprise rose bouquet visit for them by sending a bouquet of red roses in the beginning of the day at their place. This is a very romantic idea to celebrate Rose day. Attach a love letter with some praises of your valentine date and all the love that you can express in it.

  • Go back in time

If you are already in a long term relationship and lacking ideas to celebrate valentine’ s week then this ideas is for you. Take the rose in your mouth and ring in your hand, ask her to be your valentine’s date once again. Act like those new love birds and do everything like you are doing it for the first time. This can be a very amusing way to celebrate Rose day and other valentine days.

  • Decorate the room with roses

Before they reach home decorate their room with all the fresh roses and scented candles.

  • 24 hours a Rose

From the dawn to dusk each hour give them a single rose with a single small note attached with them.

  • Garden Of Roses

Take them on a drive to garden of roses. Tell the sweetest things to them and celebrate the blessings of love in the presence of roses.

  • Rose petals notes in the heart

Take out the petals of the roses and on each petal carefully write with pen in small handwriting a small two three words that you want to convey to them (e.g. be mine, I am yours forever, you are my world, etc.)  Now put these petals in a heart shape bx and present it to your valentine.

  • Spend quality time with each other

Take them out or stay at your own place. As the week to celebrate the loveliest blessing love has already started, don’t miss a single moment without them.

  • Choose The Right Colour

Do not present white or yellow to your girlfriends or wife, yellow Rose is given to friends and white Rose is never to be given to a wife and girlfriend.

  • Plan it out

Before offering this token of love, plan and find the perfect place to express your love in your heart with a Rose in your hand. You can also take them to the place where you have met her/him for the first time.

While offering a rose to your lady or your men don’t forget to attach a rose day card to it. Whether you bring it from the market or make your own handmade rose day card.

  • Plan A Romantic Rose Day Dinner day

There are numerous restaurants in the country that have special arrangements and unique offers for the each and every Valentine’s Day week list. Choose one of the romantic places and tell the managers of the place in advance to arrange a big red rose bouquet for your beloved.

  • Balloon filled with Rose Petals

It is a very sweet way to celebrate rose day, fill the balloon with rose petals and burst it over your valentine date.

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