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Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

Streets are burning red in the month of Feb! You breathe-in the sweetened air loaded with love as you pass by this time of the year. The valentine day 2022 is round the corner, for you to celebrate the love and joy for the one in your heart. The month of love is coming and you can see the love-birds walking hand in hand in every nook and corner laden with heart-shaped balloons and chocolates. Plea for roses increases and the sale of flowers is at their best. Jewellers are putting their flamboyant diamonds & jewels in their showcase. The stores are full with lovey-dovey cards on their shelves like they have nothing else to sell. Gift shops are loaded with teddy bears and cupids. Fuelling hustle and bustle of the couples in the restaurants is setting the whole mood for the Valentine Day 2022. All what matters now to celebrate the season is some LOVE for breakfast, some more for lunch a little more for dinner with some sugar for desert.

The Valentine Day is perfect day of the year to rejoice the shared bond between the two. Be thankful to the blessings of love as the love is the most powerful feeling.  The day is celebrated around the world since ages without any walls of religion, caste and nations. Get along with the one who are closer to your heart this valentine season .Add chapters to your memories with all those who matter to you the most. Buy some valentine day gifts and learn the Valentine Day Celebration Ideas, recall the valentine day traditions and live the times of the courtly love.

Happy Valentine

Valentine’s Day Of 2022


Valentine’s Day Tradition

The day Valentine is celebrated on 14th February each year as Christian saints named “Valentinus”, who was imprisoned for carrying out weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry, under the Roman Empire. The day began its eminence as a liturgical celebration of early Christian saints. The valentine day was first allied with romantic love of High Middle Ages, when the custom of courtly love was carrying out. Today the day has grown into an occasion where lovers convey their love for each other by presenting, offering, flowers, send greetings and do much more to rejoice the blessing of love.

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Love and affection are two only feelings that link us all without hesitations and fade away all the shadowy lines to bring the souls together.  Time and tide is in your favour to get away from your daily day-today life. Escape to the world of love where nothing else matter but awe and admiration. Search the deepest feelings and say it all to the one your heart secretly dies for. Be the reason for your better half smile make them feel special. Propose the girl with whom you want to walk down the aisle with. If you are a loner then you are the luckiest one this valentine season, go and kiss the nature, love yourself and refresh your soul, pamper yourself and learn some valentine day ideas for singles and make the day special.

14 days of Valentine’s Day ideas for 2022

It’s simple – the valentine days begin from February 1 to 14. It is the challenge for you to shower your loved one a sugar pie with valentines. It just takes some planning. Each day write a small note or a gift something lovely and priceless to your dear one and hide it somewhere where he/she can find it. Be more creative with words and make the person feel that you are the only perfect two.

Valentine’s Day 1: Put a secret love letter expressing all your love in his/her closet or purse when he/she is not around. When they will find it, he/she will certainly be amazed!

Valentine’s Day 2: If you two live together, then get up early and make a breakfast for her/him. There’s nothing like a good meal to start the day out right!

Valentine’s Day 3: If you are into texting, send him a text message sometime throughout the day, just to say “I love you”.

Valentine’s Day 4:  Give pains to your brain and write a love poem. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy what matter here is you have yourself written it.

Valentine’s Day 5: Try to help her/him in his duties and chores of the day.

Valentine’s Day 6: Take out some time alone at your place. Buy good relaxing massage oil. Give each other a massage and take some time relaxing.

Valentine’s Day 7: Cook and prepare for her/him a romantic candle lit dinner at your place.

Valentine’s Day 8:  Surprise him or her with his/her favourite chocolate box for the day. Write a message on each chocolate wrapper.

Valentine’s Day 9: Give your creativity a grip and make a handmade card for him this valentine day.

Valentine’s Day 10: Take her/him on a romantic walk. Lie down under the dark sky and just feel moments of love under the dark starry night.

Valentine’s Day 11: Plan this day for playing any sport game or a video game together.

Valentine’s Day 12: Make a CD of his favourite songs and leave it in his car stereo.

Valentine’s Day 13: Surprise her/him getting into complete different attire and dressing up in something funny for a cute night out together.

Valentine’s Day 14: The Big Day! The day is here to express all that your heart carries for your beloved. The day to rejoice and make celebrations for the innermost feeling called love. All you need is to make him/ her feel more special on the valentine day of year 2022.

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