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Top 8 Thanksgiving Movies For Families

Thanksgiving Day is an auspicious occasion filled with happiness and joyful memories. People sing jingles and thank the lord for serving them with such a beautiful life. Huddling together within a blanket with Thanksgiving delights and watching some best Thanksgiving movies is an ideal way of celebrating. We bring to you a list of eight Thanksgiving movies apt for families.

Top 8 Thanksgiving Movies For Families

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – The ruling star of Thanksgiving movies, which give you a lot of reasons to watch this champ. With its hilarious content laced with great performances rendered by the two leads, the movie creates a perfect balance. The promising chemistry amongst leads and antagonism makes each scene great. It possesses an immense emotional depth you can connect with.
  • Home for the Holidays – It’s a great heartfelt family comedy and drama filled with amazing performances. You can instantly connect with the movie portraying crazy situations.
  • Hannah and Her Sisters – The film set mostly in the time between two Thanksgivings. It features entwined stories of an extended family over two years. The movie begins and ends with a family having Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Grumpy Old Men – The ultimate chemistry between the lead stars and their perfect timing make this movie one of the best Thanksgiving movies to watch. Comedy and humor are the heart of this movie.
  • The Ice Storm – The movie deals with darker issues about dysfunctional families and infidelity. Its excellent narration and content make this movie a perfect stand-out.
  • Pieces of April – Katie Holmes deals with innumerable potential disasters while preparing for her first Thanksgiving for her family.
  • Broadway Danny Rose – The movie features Rose (Woody Allen), a talent acquisition agent whose Thanksgiving TV dinners are fabled.
  • The New World – Pastoral meadows, engaging instrumentals and gripping narratives make this movie a captivating recount of the Thanksgiving settlers. The movie features the agony of love found and lost.
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