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Top 5 Thanksgiving Game Ideas

If you’re planning a Thanksgiving party or family gathering, you must keep your guests entertained! With an array of exciting Thanksgiving games help you energize the guests. Most Thanksgiving games for family are perfectly act for both young and old crowd. Keep an enthralling level high amongst your guests while indulging into fun-filled thanksgiving activities for families.

Here’s a list of thanksgiving party games which help keeping the creativity free!

Top 5 Thanksgiving Game Ideas

Wild Turkey Quest

Give a paper bag to each guest. Draw or paste a picture of a turkey. To play, everyone leaves the room except the organizer. The organizer or the leader hides the cards around the room. Each participant returns and begins the quest. As each turkey is found, it is given back to the leader who keeps them in a separate pile for every hunter. Once, all the turkeys have been found, the hunter with the most turkey is the winner and becomes the leader for the next round.

Sweet Cornucopias

One of the most amazing thanksgiving games is Sweet Cornucopias! Players sit on chairs in a circular formation. The leader points to each of the player to give them a name, such as Turkey, Pumpkin, Cranberry, Corn, anything related to Thanksgiving. Once the names are chosen, the leader calls out two names, “Pumpkin and Cranberry.” Those two players must quickly swap their places. The leader keeps calling at a quick speed, until he or she says “The cornucopia has tipped over!” Everyone in the room, including the leader, the scrambles for a new place, and the player without the seat is the new leader (well, yay! That’s a catch). The leader can confuse the participants by taking more than one person name.

Passing the Corn

Make guests into two teams and ask them to form two lines. The leader needs two cobs of dried Indian corn. At the signal “go”, the corncob is to be passed from one person to another. Now, comes the catch, the participants can use any part of their bodies, except their hands. If the corn touches the ground, I must go back to the beginning of the line all over again. The team which manages to get the corn to the end of the line first, is the winner.

Thankful Verses

Another fascinating thanksgiving dinner game! After the delectable Thanksgiving meal, give each person three kernels of corn. Pass a cup from one person to another. Once the cup arrives to someone, they need to put one of the corn kernels into the cup and they say anything they are thankful for. The cup moves around 3 times till everyone has said thankful words.

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