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Things To Do for Your Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching around the corner, the only question which keeps popping inside our heads is: how to make this occasion special?


Morning meals, room decorations, special gifts are old-school ideas. Here are some cool Things To Do For Your Dad On Father’s Day which he will love and cherish for sure!


After all, Dad is the Best, Right?

Things To Do For Dad On Father’s Day

Things To Do For Dad On Father’s Day

  • Take Him On A Hike
    Is your dad a sports enthusiast? Or ever he had a spark for hiking or mountaineering? Book the tickets and take him to a hike in the lap of nature. Weather, music and long roads- a perfect Father’s Day gift!
  • Create Something!
    Pull up your socks and ask your dad to build something for a change! Birdhouse, table, bench or a tree-house- something which you can build together!
  • Cook Some Exquisite
    Instead of cooking something which he can easily get, go the extra way and cook something unique and exquisite. Add your own touch to make that dish unique and you will be his favorite for months to come!
  • Go Bar-Hopping
    One of the Things to Do On Father,s Day can be bar hopping, i.e. going all the way and trying new breweries and their beers! A tipsy day, maybe!
  • Fishing- Best Boding Time Ever!
    Start up your car, put the fishing equipment inside and head towards the nearby pond/lake for fishing. Surprise him with some chilled beverages, classic tracks and see him smiling all day long!
  • Conduct A Series/Movie Marathon
    Prepare a list of his favorite movies/ series and binge watch with some nachos, cheesy dips and popcorns. Plush up the pillows, blankets and sit beside him! An adorable treat!
  • Chill At a Sports Event
    What’s better than taking him up to a Basketball or football game! He will surely enjoy the evening and treat you well the very next time! This can be one of the Things to Do for Your Dad on Father’s Day
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